Opportunities in aviation help to connect cities and allow businesses, people and infrastructure to thrive.

Airports As a Destination

City planners are using airports as destinations for activation. More than just an airstrip to land and depart, airports attract commercial interest largely through tourism but also through its accessibility to trade routes. Infrastructure such as rail lines, intermodal freight, hotels and shopping precincts are connecting communities and industry to global opportunities.

SYSTRA brings decades of international and local experience to Australian and New Zealand markets that will help our clients utilise airports as desintations. We can use our expertise across airport infrastructure, systems, operations and aircraft to help our clients deliver amazing experiences for our communities that will ensure they can reach their potential.

How we Help

Airport Infrastructure

SYSTRA is able to design the airfields and runways, all aspects of the automated people movers, (inter and intra-terminal), the civil and structural works to support the baggage and security systems, the bridges, roads, railways and all aspects of the surface access.

We have the vision and capability to offer a total surface access solution that goes beyond the structure and mechanics but considers the local conditions and needs of the community around the airport.

So many aspects of the airport are global and codifiable and yet our customers rightly demand that we deliver services fit for the specific environment.

Airport Systems and Operations

SYSTRA has the expertise to review and enhance all the key processes with an airport to maximise both value to the business and mitigate the risk to the operations.

With our very keen sense of business and customer focus we can offer world class advice and expertise from a team that have helped run airports of all sizes, from the more local regional airports to the global hubs.

Our services include:


SYSTRA can smooth your route to compliant safety, reliability, and supportability deliverables, drawing from our experience with suppliers of equipment to Boeing and Airbus.

We believe in a concurrent approach to safety, reliability, and supportability, and help our clients embed these attributes in their designs from the outset, saving time and expense in reaching a compliant product. Close communication is key to this process, and alongside cooperative working with your engineering team, we offer direct support and guidance in your discussions with both clients and suppliers on certification and requirements interpretation.

Our services include

  • Airport surface access
  • Air passenger demand forecasting
  • Airport master planning
  • Airport terminal and facility planning
  • Aviation strategy & policy economic & environmental impacts of aviation
  • Aviation-related market research & surveys
  • Airport property development & travel plans

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