At SYSTRA ANZ, we want to be the signature team for transportation solutions. This is our vision. And we want each person to contribute fully to this ambition with their own signature.

Our Connected Teams, Unlock your Potential

The story of “Our connected team, unlock your potential” begins with a global team who share a passion for creating sustainable engineering solutions that make a positive impact on communities worldwide. They believe that the key to success is in building strong connections and fostering a collaborative environment where everyone’s potential can be unlocked.

As the local team work together on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, the team realises that they are more than just colleagues – they are a connected team, united by a shared vision and a commitment to excellence.

As they continue to grow and develop their skills, the team becomes a force to be reckoned with, attracting the brightest talent and winning major industry awards. Their success is a testament to the power of connection and the potential that can be unlocked when individuals come together as a team.

With “Our connected team, unlock your potential” as their slogan, SYSTRA ANZ inspires the next generation of engineering professionals to join their team, and together, make a difference in the world.

We are eager to meet you

More than 10,600 employees spread throughout the entire world create, innovate, experiment, and anticipate transport that is increasingly efficient and adapted to the world of today and tomorrow. We are committed to having a positive influence on the lives of millions of people.

With us, you will surpass yourself. Numerous challenges await you. Together, with our talents, our skills, our ideas, our values of bold leadership, excellence and connected teams that link us on a daily basis, we will continue to create, day after day, safe and sustainable transportation solutions.

Embracing Flexibility

We recognise that your best work doesn’t always fit into a rigid schedule. That’s why we offer a range of flexible workplace policies tailored to suit your lifestyle and maximize your potential.

Flexible Working policies include:

  • Paid Purchase Leave
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • International Working Guidelines
  • Volunteer Leave
  • Reservists Leave
  • Floating public holiday scheme
RAP_2023 launch


Diverse workplaces reflect our communities and contribute towards improvements in innovation. It provides opportunities for personal growth and also facilitates better decision-making.  

SYSTRA supports several diversity organisations and has implemented a host of flexible-first policies to cater for our employees’ diverse backgrounds. 

wellbeing in the workplace

SYSTRA ANZ hosts an annual R U OK? Day webinar as well as a lunch at each of its offices. Sometimes a mental health ambassador is invited to present during the webinar alongside staff run workshops. Our organisation donates to the R U OK fund, but employees are also encouraged to contribute to their local office collection box or to donate online. 

SYSTRA ANZ has partnered with AccessEAP to provide employees with over-the-phone and in person counselling services. We have also partnered with United Heroes to encourage physical activity and facilitate friendly com


Do you think mobility is essential to the lives of each of us and that its challenges inspire passion? Do you want to contribute actively to the city of tomorrow, to bringing regions closer together, to better access for all populations in development, education, and leisure? Are you convinced that a more sustainable world is possible and that mobility is an integral part of considerations linked to the future of our planet?

By joining SYSTRA you will contribute to improving the daily movements of millions of people, with sustainable solutions that respect the environment.


Our Group plays a key role in more than half the world’s high speed lines and we are involved in 1 out of 2 metro projects globally. We are working on projects in 100 cities with a population of more than a million. We have thus acquired unrivalled technical skill in our sector.

At SYSTRA, you join passionate teams, motivated by excellence. We constantly seek to be at the forefront of what we should develop tomorrow. Our recognised expertise on five continents leads us to contribute to the best projects, in terms of complexity, technical challenges, size, and public utility. We gain the trust of our clients and partners via these exceptional references, helping us all to continue learning and growing each day.


At SYSTRA, you will be immersed in an international environment. Present in 80 countries, we do all we can to offer our teams the possibility to interact with each other in a fluid and efficient manner on a daily basis, as much technically as from an organisational point of view. We differentiate ourselves by our unique organisation and a global expertise network that enables us to mobilise the best experts wherever they are based.

Our international and connected team is our strength. By sharing our talents, skills and experience across the world, we develop projects that are rich in meaning.


SYSTRA offers you opportunities to be on the move.

At SYSTRA, you’re always learning, everywhere, all the time. We are a company rich in cultural, professional and generational diversity. What you do at SYSTRA is always firmly rooted in what is practical, with direct and real utility for populations and regions. You also have the opportunity to change post every two years to learn new skills, new areas of activity, new projects, new countries.

At SYSTRA, you are encouraged to come up with your best ideas. The annual SPARK challenge aims to identify, boost and incubate the best ideas from our employees worldwide. Participation in the SPARK challenge gives employees the opportunity to make their idea a reality, develop new skills and be a player in SYSTRA’s innovation.


5-Star Employers of Choice 2023

SYSTRA ANZ has been awarded the HRD Australia 5-Star Employer of Choice medal for 2023.

The awards recognise the best organisations to work for in Australia when it comes to key HR areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Learning and development
  • Wellbeing
  • Flexibility
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Work-life balance
  • Recruitment

systra anz graduate program

The SYSTRA Graduate Program builds on our partnership with Engineers Australia, tying in SYSTRA’s Competency Framework and our core Values of Excellence, Connected Teams and Bold Leadership.

Joining SYSTRA ANZ as a Graduate gives you the opportunity to undertake the Engineers Australia Graduate Program that has been developed in consultation with Australasian Railway Association (ARA). This is an engaging 18-month course that helps graduates develop practical skills to be successful in the workplace. With the support of mentors and opportunity to meet other graduates from industry, the program is a pathway towards Chartered status.

Hear more about the Program from our Graduates.