SYSTRA ANZ’s mission is to be there where it matters; on the complex projects with the greatest impact, providing the innovative solutions that will shape the future of our communities​. To achieve this, we count on all our employees, people who share our values, our commitments, who innovate with passion to build tomorrow’s mobility today.

Across Australia and New Zealand we have a strong and connected local team that is powered by our values. We understand our client’s needs and have delivered successful projects across the region for over a decade. The ANZ team is an integral part of our global network, backed by 10,300+ experts, providing us the unique ability to be agile with global scale.

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Systra Group

SYSTRA Group is one of the world’s leading engineering and consulting groups specialised in public transport and mobility solutions. For 65 years, the Group has been involved with cities and regions in order to contribute to their development by creating, improving and modernising their transport infrastructures and systems.

The specialised magazine Engineering News-Record ranks SYSTRA among the top three international engineering firms specialised in ‘Mass Transit & Rail’, and among the 30 largest engineering firms in the world.

A signature team for transport solutions, SYSTRA accompanies its partners and clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

An introduction to SYSTRA ANZ from Alana Newbrook

Why we are different

1. We bring deep local knowledge and​
connection supported by best-in-class global​

We have a strong local team that understand client needs and expectations and have delivered successful projects for over a decade.​

The ANZ team is an integral part of our global network of experts, providing us the unique ability to be agile with global scale. ​

This proven model brings close to 70 years of experience throughout the world to each and every job, anchoring and contextualizing world leading expertise with on the ground presence for a seamless client experience.​

2. We understand and maintain alignment to​
the big picture

We stay focused on delivering positive outcomes and lasting impact for clients and communities.​

By enabling critical infrastructure, allowing people to interact and mobilise with purpose, we are committed to improving the livability, loveablity and connectedness of communities, bringing people closer to healthcare, jobs, education and leisure.​

Digital Composite of hand holding tools and city
Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport

3. With confidence, we help the world move​

We specialise in resolving highly technical, complicated problems, founded from our global operational knowledge to manage risk, provide certainty and assurance – when its high risk and difficult, our team excel.​

4. We think about the end users from day 1

Our diverse team thinks holistically, combining technical and human centered disciplines, we inspire confidence in the communities that we serve, providing safe and resilient infrastructure solutions.

Hand pointing at computer monitor
Systra engineers examining plans

5. We are an experienced and trusted​

We are open, honest, and adaptable, making it easy for clients and partners to work with us as we help unlock opportunities, overcome challenges and deliver world leading solutions and technical expertise.

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