Buses are an essential element of the public transport mix and connect communities to their end destination or to other mass transit modes such as rail and air where they are either unavailable or too expensive.

Providing access essential resources

Buses are the most-widely used form of public transport around the world and are the most cost-effective and flexible form of public transport. Buses promote social inclusion through low cost fares and access to healthcare and education via flexible route planning.

Buses also help ease traffic congestion by replacing up to 30 cars on the road and through new innovations in electrification and alternative fuels provide a sustainable alternative.

Electric Buses

Electric or E-buses have emerged as a transformative innovation in the realm of sustainable urban transportation. These vehicles represent a significant shift away from traditional fossil-fuel-powered buses, offering a cleaner and greener alternative for public transit systems. As cities around the world prioritise efforts to combat climate change and reduce their carbon footprint, the adoption of e-buses plays a crucial role in achieving these goals while also improving the quality of transportation for citizens. The continuous advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure further contribute to the growing feasibility and efficiency of e-buses, positioning them as a cornerstone of the future of sustainable urban mobility.

Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit

Modern and high-performance, BRT systems combine all the advantages of a bus (agile, light) with dedicated public transport lanes allowing speed, capacity and punctuality. A highly efficient method of travel, BRT offers improved ticket systems and constant passenger information updates. Optical guidance systems onboard also allow for systematic high-precision docking and berthing.

SYSTRA is able to bring a wide range of innovative solutions to BRT projects, be it in terms of capacity, frequency, urban integration, accessibility and comfort. Our multidisciplinary approach means we can take on all the challenges of a BRT project: shared public spaces, passenger needs, costs, specifications, operating systems, infrastructures, etc., allowing us to deliver tailored solutions to suit the individual needs of different public authorities.

How we make a Difference

  • Specialist expertise at every stage in the definition and design of urban public transport projects such as BRTs
  • Tried and tested projects built on feedback and the proven know-how of our technical teams and our benchmark stakeholders, the RATP and SNCF
  • Bespoke advisory services for authorities during the sensitive phases of each project (public surveys, administrative procedures, project planning and programming, etc.)

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