SYSTRA has the tools and expertise to help clients optimise electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, develop clean air and low emissions zones, and devise cost-effective EV charging solutions to match future demand for electric vehicles.


With new petrol and diesel vehicles being phased out, the years ahead will see a rapid transition to electric vehicles and an urgent need for local authorities to provide the necessary electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to keep them on the move.

Local authorities are faced with the challenge of matching their provision of EV charging facilities to future demand, and aligning this infrastructure with urban parking strategies. Planners need to understand likely demand for EV charging, and to calculate how many EV chargers will be needed each year in each area. There is a need to rapidly develop best practice for implementing public EV charging infrastructure, covering installation, maintenance, accessibility and payment methods.

As new mobility specialists, SYSTRA is at the forefront of helping local authorities forecast demand for public EV charging and provide sufficient charging facilities on time, in the right places.

Our Expertise in EV Charging Infrastructure

The electric vehicle (EV) sector experts at SYSTRA have an in-depth understanding of current EV policy, market trends and uptake forecasts – which underpin our wide range of EV charging services.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging


At a high level, SYSTRA experts provide local transport policy planning advice to local authorities and other stakeholders. We can forecast EV ownership levels, optimise the provision of EV charging, and estimate carbon emission reductions resulting from the uptake of electric vehicles.


We have in-depth knowledge of the different EV technologies in the marketplace and the different battery types available. That means we can advise clients on the optimum EV charging system for their needs, taking into account installation, maintenance and payment preferences. We can also advise on the minimum and optimum levels of EV charging infrastructure required under different forecasting scenarios.


SYSTRA is well known for its strong transport modelling capabilities across the transport industry. We apply this knowledge to the EV charging market to develop likely scenarios. We use our in-house optimisation tools to test different options for on-street residential, destination-based and en-route charging, so we can devise the most cost-effective strategies for our clients. We can also advise on the public parking provision required to support new EV charging point installations.


Our behaviour change and research team undertakes stakeholder engagement with local authorities, bus operators, vehicle manufacturers and EV recharging infrastructure manufacturers. This work is important in assessing key aspects of local EV charging strategies – and understanding how they support wider transport decarbonisation objectives.

Our Services

  • Guidance on planning and infrastructure for EV charging stations, including number, type and location of charging points.
  • Identifying the optimal EV charging infrastructure for a given level of investment.
  • Identifying funding and business cases for EV charging programmes.
  • Appraising the carbon impacts of investment programmes and policies, including land use development plans, behavioural change programmes and freight measures.
  • Developing clean air zones and low emissions strategies.
  • Advising on electric bus fleets.

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