SYSTRA provides strategic planning, funding and business case development services to help clients deliver essential urban, environmental, energy and transport infrastructure projects across the Australia and New Zealand.


Developing business cases, securing funding and evaluating impacts are key elements in the delivery of any major infrastructure or construction project. Local authorities and developers need to clearly demonstrate the impacts and benefits of any new scheme, including the long-term social, environmental, financial and economic implications.

Making a compelling case is vital to securing funding, and must take into account technical guidance, funding scheme criteria, regulatory compliance and stakeholder expectations. The policy, funding and strategy specialists at SYSTRA offer all the expertise required to help new energy, environmental, construction or transport infrastructure projects secure the approvals and funding they need.

Our Approach

SYSTRA has the multi-sector expertise to take the lead in all aspects of business case evaluation and delivery, policy development, scheme appraisal and prioritisation, and economic analysis.

SYSTRA plays a leading role in helping local authorities, regional agencies, private and public-sector clients to secure investment and support for a whole range of infrastructure and construction projects. These could include urban development schemes, building construction projects, environmental improvements, energy facilities or transport infrastructure.

Our support helps clients to develop robust strategies and proposals to meet the requirements of various funding mechanisms and government schemes. We understand the latest guidance, and have an excellent track record of success in high-profile funding programmes, such as Levelling Up.

Our Expertise

  • Funding Sources & Applications: SYSTRA works in partnership with local authorities and other scheme promoters to develop infrastructure funding applications that comply with all relevant guidance – giving new projects the best possible chance of winning essential funds from a range of government programmes.
  • Business Case Development: SYSTRA has proven expertise in developing business cases that help new infrastructure and construction schemes to gain funding approval. Our business case services support projects in the energy, environment, security, transport, buildings and property sectors.
  • Wider Economic Benefits: Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs) analysis can play an important role in securing funding for new transport and infrastructure projects. SYSTRA has proven capabilities in a whole range of assessment and appraisal techniques, including WEBS, to support infrastructure proposals in many sectors.
  • Business Case Assurance: SYSTRA has the expertise to assess and appraise business cases for a whole range of infrastructure, transport and construction projects – helping programme and fund managers to ensure programmes are in line with relevant national and local guidance.
  • Social & Market Research: SYSTRA’s dedicated Social & Market Research Team has over 40 years of experience in the management and provision of social and market research. The team provides high-quality, customised quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, coupled with expert interpretation and advisory services – for the transport, environment, sustainability, water and energy sectors.

Our in-house research capabilities can provide the data and analysis to support robust business cases. We have the knowledge and resources to produce demand, revenue and benefit forecasts, environmental appraisals and risk assessments, as required. Our expertise spans established and emerging appraisal techniques, providing thorough value-for-money assessments for every scheme.

By helping clients navigate option selection, scheme evaluations, strategy development and funding submissions, SYSTRA plays a key role in enabling new infrastructure projects to progress from the drawing board to implementation around the UK.

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