Light rails have sprung back to the top of a city planners wishlist in recent years thanks to its ability to connect communities in a sustainable and reliable manner.

How Light Rail can Rejuvenate cities today and in the future

The argument for light rail transit systems is that they are accessible for communities particulary those in dense urban areas. They are sustainable in that they are integrated with modern place-making trends and remove cars from our roads, reduce emissions as well as congestion.

Better yet, Light Rail transit lays the foundations for urban renewal and economic development. Light rail systems connect communities to employment, housing, health, and tourism opportunities among other amenities. As cities look for more flexible and scalable solutions to meet transport demand, light rail systems can be tailored to fit specific needs and provide an economically sound business case compared to other mass transit systems.

Sydney light rail passing Central Station
Bus Rapid Transit

We’ve been connecting towns and communities all over the world

SYSTRA is the signature team for innovative, sustainable and modern light rail transit systems, with projects in more than 40 towns and cities around the globe amounting to more than 500 kilometres.

We have experience in Light Rail design across Australia including the Sydney, Parramatta and Newcastle systems.

In France, SYSTRA has worked on more than 60% of the light rail transit lines currently in use. The Bordeaux light rail transit system is the first in the world with no overhead power cables which was later installed in Sydney as well. Other transit systems such as Brest and Casablanca were voted the two best light rail transit projects in the world by the British Light Rail Transit Association in 2012.

SYSTRA provides preliminary studies and engineering, owner assistance, project management and supervision services for tramway and tram-train projects.

Our Light Rail Expertise

How we make a difference

  • We integrate operation and maintenance from day one
  • We have developed a recognised expertise in urban planning and the execution of works with minimum disruption to residents during construction
  • We integrate and customise tramway for each unique urban environment with a holistic approach.

Our Other Expertise in Rail

Metro Station light trails from slow shutter speed


Sydney Light Rail at Jubilee Park station

Light Rail

Faster Rail

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High-speed Rail

Freight train

Freight Rail

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