CYCLOPS is a GIS planning platform that integrates active mobility data to help transport planners and decision makers optimise cycling networks.

Why use CYCLOPS?

For many decades cycling was never seen as a viable method of transportation and as such, infrastructure and planning has long been neglected. Thankfully this is changing.

Accurately modelling cycling flows is a critical element underpinning investment in active travel infrastructure – if modelling isn’t sufficiently robust:

  • Investment may be given to other modes where benefits are easier to quantify
  • There may be active travel investment, but it may be delivered ineffectively resulting in poor monitoring outcomes and less future support

For cycling to embed itself as a safe alternative to public transport and private vehicle travel, urban mobility stakeholders must entice customers to shift transport modes. However, creating safe networks for cycling has been challenging due to:

  • Lack of data on the current and future cycling network and demand.
  • Lack of clear and transparent representation of the current cycling network’s performance.
  • Fragmented assessments.
  • Demonstrating benefits of cycling vs impact on road vehicles.
  • No tool to identify gaps and prioritise investments.
  • Long work delivery timeframe.
  • Difficult back and forth discussions with stakeholders.


CYCLOPS provides planners a unique and innovative method to design cycling networks by combining data integration, demand modelling and digital collaboration.

1. Plan the optimal route

CYCLOPS provides a GIS environment that integrates active mobility data to help planners visualise potential routes and optimize infrastructure accordingly.

2. Scenario Planning

CYCLOPS is a data led platform that can test different scenarios and assess key performance indicators such as:

  • cycling travel times and distances,
  • cycling demand reservoir – All the trips that could be completed if safe cycling infrastructure was established.
  • cycling uplift – The differential between the number of people projected to use their bikes in the future versus the number of people using their bikes now).
  • safety benefits.

Our team of cycling experts and data scientists are constantly improving and adding new KPIs such as health benefits and CO2 savings.


3. Stakeholder Engagement

Our clients can build trust and confidence with communities by providing clear, concise and transparent information about a project and the benefits it will create. This will also help cut red tape as conversations can be streamlined.


By using data, stakeholders responsible for planning cycle routes such as governments and local councils can assess the potential of many different routes. This will deliver wide ranging benefits including:

  1. Prioritise investment.
  2. Improve robustness of business case planning.
  3. Enhance transparency and communication with stakeholders.
  4. Facilitate trust in the decision-making process.
  5. Help cities and communities realise the benefits of cycling through improved livability, sustainability, and mobility.

Who would benefit most from using CYCLOPS?

CYCLOPS benefits all stakeholders involved in planning, funding, and establishing cycling routes. These include staff at all state governments, local councils, and construction firms who are concerned with active transport planning, integrated transport planning, cities, and transport projects.

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CYCLOPS was created by an internal group of SYSTRA employees through our SPARK program. It’s a program aimed at inspiring our employees to let their innovative and entrepreneurial minds shine and where they get to bring their ideas to life.

Find out more about the SPARK Challenge here.

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Our expertise using CYCLOPS

CYCLOPS is currently being used in many cities around the world including Paris, London, Singapore, Sydney, and Auckland.

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