Urban Transit is at the heart of SYSTRA’s DNA. Our Group has a thorough understanding of all the mobility solutions for cities, from the hyper centre to the outskirts. We are ready to meet any type of requirement, be it demographic or topographic: metro, tramway, tram-train, bus rapid transit, trolleybus, cable car, funicular or even automatic light metro, monorail and airport shuttle. SYSTRA draws on 65 years of experience in urban transport modes across all terrains to carry out its urban mobility projects.

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The projects we lead are always the fruit of close collaboration between our teams, our clients and our partners. And it is they who speak most highly of them.

We have been working for 7 years in a project management consortium led by SYSTRA. During the design phase, we appreciated the the quality of the design work carried out and the smooth functioning of the consortium, comprising another consultant and an architecture firm. For the current works phase, we have good working relationships with the teams who have great technical and analysis skills. We are also satisifed with their positioning and their reactivity when dealing with the construction firms. BENJAMIN CLAUSTRE, OPERATIONS DIRECTOR LINE 11 EXTENSION OF THE PARIS METRO, RATP
I have been able to observe the quality of the assignment as well as that of our exchanges which have enabled the establishment of an organisation adapted to the challenges of this exceptional project. I thank the teams of the consortium for their commitment and motivation in being able to meet the demanding requirements necessary for this project management assignment. FLORENT NICOLAS, DEPUTY DIRECTOR LINE 14 SOUTH EXTENSION OF THE PARIS METRO, RATP u003cbru003eFOR THIS PROJECT, SYSTRA IS PART OF THE ELIOS PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSORTIUM.
We have forged a strong and close partnership with SYSTRA on LRT Jabodebek. Through their strong expertise, SYSTRA has accompanied Adhi Karya since the start of this challenging project. SYSTRA’s professionalism has been helping solve various multi-disciplinary technical problems properly.rnHopefully ADHI and SYSTRA will be the pioneers in modernisation of Indonesian Railways. Hardjita Raliway System Director – LRT Jabodebek PT Adhi Karya
Excellent, I know a lot of work went into this. Good work on the directive drawings. Rick Clarke, Chief Program Management Officer, Los Angeles Metro
I am so excited and humbled by the work the SYSTRA team did! I cannot thank them enough! Reyes Colon, New Jersey Transit


From Montreal to Sydney via Santiago, London, Paris or even Cairo and Mumbai, SYSTRA has been involved in almost 1 metro line in 2 in the world. Whether it concerns networks created from scratch or new lines, extensions or optimisations going all the way to full automation of an existing infrastructure, our urban mobility experts cover all the specificities of metro projects.

We are the world leader in automatic metros, with 60% of lines in service, under construction or being automated to our credit. SYSTRA’s engineers also deployed from the 1970s the very first automatic driving systems, with integrated automatic driving mechanisms of the VAL type in Lille then the CBTC type in Paris with Line 14.

Among our references, a number of world firsts: the longest automatic line in Dubai, the busiest in the world in Mecca, lines on the densest networks in Shanghai, or even a large part of the project management and project management assistance of the most ambitious metro project in the world, the Grand Paris Express (Paris region).

To lead these projects well, we are also experts in the technical design, from the preliminary studies right up to the commissioning, in project management or assistance in running operations, audit and independent checks, whether in the field of civil engineering, systems and signalling,  control and command systems or even information concerning the passenger experience.

The future of the metro as seen by SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica

In 2020, in a context marked by the sanitary crisis and a proliferation of technological inventions, SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica considered the possible future of the metro.
Can it still be considered an area for innovation? What will it look like in 15 years? And beyond?

An exclusive 30-page booklet can be downloaded below.


Transform urban life all while ensuring the mobility experience, such is the challenge for average capacity transport modes like the tramway, bus rapid transit (BRT) and tram-trains. For almost 50 years, SYSTRA has been a significant actor in the rebirth of light rail, designing more than 700km of new networks across all continents. In France, we have contributed to almost 90% of the networks in service, and developed with industrial partners customised solutions such as ground-level power supply so as not to disfigure the historical landscape, controlled irrigation to limit water use for areas of grass, platform screen doors or even the automatic train protection and operation systems for maximum safety.

Our urban experts sign customised solutions to serve cities’ thoroughfares and reduce the distances between residential areas and places of work. Each city has its preferred mode, tram-trains being mainly European, French tramways which are exported to the Middle East, the Maghreb and North America, or even BRT which remains the principal mobility solution for the big cities of Brazil.


Big drops in level, a weak hold on the ground or even short distance travel, these questions find their answers with SYSTRA and its expertise in other urban modes such as cable cars, funiculars, monorails or even people movers. These systems are adapted to environmental requirements and benefits via effective urban integration to fight congestion and reducce atmospheric and noise pollution, endemic in urban zones.

Disruptive transport

Disruptive transport could mean major changes in mobility systems for operators, public players and users, through the development and deployment of innovative transport solutions. SYSTRA offers comprehensive and specific support to help innovators bring their projects to fruition, investors to direct their investments and mobility players to deploy disruptive mobility services in their areas.


At the end of 2019, the white paper ‘Automated and autonomous public transport’ signed by SYSTRA was awarded at the annual Global Light Rail Awards in London. SYSTRA received the Highly Commended prize in the ‘Vision of the Year’ category for this white paper, presented as ‘an important piece of work for anyone looking at the possibilities for further automation of urban public transport in the urban environment’.  

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