To provide communities with the essential resources to thrive, critical infrastructure systems have become increasingly complex and interdependent.

Maintaining services through uncertain times

The resilience of critical infrastructure refers to the ability to withstand, adapt and recover positively from shocks and stresses. Critical infrastructure provides services that are essential for everyday life and includes:

  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Food and water
  • Communications
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and finance
  • Space systems
  • Security and defence systems

From climate change to cyber-attacks, infrastructure systems across these industries must operate in an increasingly uncertain future. With the continuity of these services being crucial to everyday life, planning for and mitigating risk can help those impacted avoid disruption, supply security and service continuity.

Our Approach

SYSTRA helps our clients plan, develop requirements, design and build infrastructure systems so that they will continue to operate and survive during shocks or service interruptions. Survivability is an important requirement for asset service continuity and is related to overcoming harsh environments that Transport and Security systems encounter.

Whether we are designing new infrastructure systems or retrofitting existing ones, we prioritise people, planet and the prosperity of clients and community.

We combine technical STEM expertise and strength in management to ensure we deliver effective project solutions and outcomes. This includes the following:

Understanding the Threat Context and Environment

Placing SYSTRA qualified experts to understand the threat and its concurrent operations environment is key to understanding the system’s resilience requirements. These requirements will change the service by making design changes early and will impact how the eventual users will use the enhanced service and be assured of minimal operational down time.

Creating value through intelligent risk management

By identifying, context, conducting risk assessments and developing appropriate mitigation strategies, the likelihood and consequence of the risk  is reduced, and negative consequences are minimised or ruled out completely. Effective application of risk management principles also promotes an environment where making decisions can be backed up with evidence and in which innovation and opportunities can thrive.

Infrastructure Risk and Resilience Assessments

SYSTRA applies technical and nationally recognized frameworks to assess threat and resilience across various asset classes across transport, Industry, Security and Defence. We tailor the infrastructure risk assessment to specific client needs and conduct risk assessments at the asset, portfolio, municipal or regional level.

Mainstreaming Climate and Cybersecurity Risks into Infrastructure Planning

Climate change and cybersecurity related risks are dynamic, increasingly common, each with potentially severe consequences. We develop scenarios to support activity planning, apply risk management and resilience throughout the full infrastructure project systems engineering lifecycle to implement resilient strategies early in the project. We also ensure strategies are integrated into operations.

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