Tunnels and Bridges are complex structures that are intrinsically linked to the transport and mobility solutions we design. These are major challenges, mobilising our passionate experts, who must combine performance and integration into the local space, but also optimise costs and deadlines.

Our dedicated international network of experts are involved in the entire production chain and designs all types of major structures: viaducts, tunnels, road bridges, maritime, etc.

Our clients have CONFIDENCE IN US

The projects we lead are always the fruit of close collaboration between our teams, our clients and our partners.

The SYSTRA IBT team worked to keep to the project schedule, anticipate the gathering of the files for the purchase of the steel sheets, and develop a design at the best possible cost. Their support was exemplary. Walsh and WVC were particularly satisfied with the work carried out, and our companies were able to establish excellent relations thanks to this project. We look forward to working with SYSTRA IBT again and highly recommend them! BRIAN L HOPPEL, PROGRAM MANAGER, WALSH GROUP PROJECT LEWIS AND CLARK BRIDGE, LOUISVILLE, USA
Bouygues Construction Australia and SYSTRA have worked together on several major transport infrastructures Projects in Australia such as Melbourne Metro PPP and Sydney NorthConnex road tunnel PPP. SYSTRA’s performance so far has been outstanding in many aspects: responsiveness, capacity to quickly mobilize resources, level of technical expertise, communication u0026amp; teamwork. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration on other key opportunities in ANZ. Seved Robin – CEO Bouygues Construction Australia


The infrastructure that we sign is at the service of communities: eliminating distances, overcoming natural obstacles and bringing people closer to employment, education and leisure facilities. We have contributed to the design of more than 30 cable-stayed bridges around the world, as well as to the construction of emblematic structures such as:

  • The longest floating bridge: the Evergreen Point Bridge in Seattle in the United States.
  • The longest span for a concrete bridge, with the Atlantic Bridge in Panama
  • The longest sea crossing for a bridge (34.1km), with the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway in Kuwait
  • The fastest aerial metro designed and built on viaducts in history, with the Mecca metro in Saudi Arabia

  • The longest double-span main suspension bridge (2.75km) with the Chacao Bridge in Chile
  • The longest span for a cable-stayed railway bridge, with the Tianxingzhou Bridge in China
  • Longest span for a prestressed concrete box girder high speed train bridge in Medway, UK
  • The longest span for a high speed train bowstring bridge with the MOAM bridge in South Korea.

These structures, which are regularly honoured with international awards, reflect the promise we make to our clients and partners in design & build projects: to combine our technical expertise at the highest level with a high quality production capacity, and support at all phases for robust engineering structures, delivered on time and at competitive costs.


Subiyah Bridge – Kuwait

We have a global network of excellence in bridge engineering, bringing together more than 350 large infrastructure experts based in the United States, France, Canada, India, Korea and Dubai. This is one of SYSTRA’s strengths. This unrivalled technical expertise enables us to work on all types of bridges:

  • Segmental bridges; 
  • Cable-stayed bridges; 
  • Ponts suspendus ; 
  • Bridges for metros or high speed lines; 
  • Truss and arch bridges.

Our services extend to all project phases, from upstream studies to full project management in close collaboration with manufacturers, and even maintenance and independent certification.

SYSTRA has been ranked 7th in the Engineering News-Record (ENR) international Bridges category since 2018. 


SYSTRA has designed and built underground structures all over the world in the most demanding conditions. Whether crossing dense urban areas, mountains or the sea, railway or road tunnels or underground stations, we have solid references on all types of underground structures, designing and supervising deep excavation, whatever the geological or geotechnical context, environment or purpose of the work. We also master all methods of tunnel construction, from the traditional method to drilling by tunnel boring machine, in all types of soil or rock.

We have therefore been involved in major projects such as the Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin, the Ismailia twin-tube road tunnel under the Suez Canal, and the largest underground rail project in Europe, the Grand Paris Express in the Paris region. In total, this amounts to more than 800km of tunnels designed or being excavated around the world. SYSTRA also covers road and motorway infrastructure projects, with numerous worldwide references such as the Nagpur – Mumbai Expressway in India or the renovation of the Mont Blanc tunnel.


SYSTRA patented the U-shaped viaduct in 1992. This unique concept combines an elegant design with fast and economical construction, suitable for megacities where the lack of transport facilities is most critical. Its design can integrate several elements:

  • An S-Rack system to reduce the noise impact of aerial metro systems
  • Ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete construction to extend the spans between piers and improve its aesthetic integration
  • The addition of solar panels to become a producer of renewable electricity.

Used for the first time in 1997 by the Santiago metro, the U-shaped viaduct has been the subject of nearly 1,000km of studies, half of which are already in service or under construction on all continents.

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