Active transportation modes such as walking and cycling can help make our cities cleaner, more resilient, and better places to live, work and play.

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For Safe, comfortable and convenient travel

Active transportation has become an important part of urban planning, especially as we move away from our reliance on cars. Successful active transport connects communities to cities and public transport alternatives helping to create places that are safe, comfortable, and convenient for people to travel on foot or by bicycle. 

Our Expertise in Active Transportation

Advancing the benefits of Active Transportation

SYSTRA provides an innovative approach to support the successful delivery of active transport modes throughout the life cycle of the project.

Our global team of experts know that effective active transportation planning and design brings a number of benefits. Those include:

  • Reduced demand for road infrastructure
  • Improved multimodal network performance through connection to alternatives
  • A more vibrant city, particularly enhancing street side amenities
  • A safer and healthier community
  • Reduced construction and maintenance costs of traditional road infrastructure
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Our Approach

Our team ensures our clients achieve outstanding results by providing the following services:

  • Data strategy

Identification of data gaps and development of a data strategy road map to better evaluate the current and future travel demand, safety hotspots, network’s performance, and customer’s needs. Recommendations based on international benchmarks and best practises informed by our international team of cycling experts located across the world.

  • Gap analysis and prioritisation

Data driven analysis to support mode shift towards active mobility, considering safety and accessibility issues, travel patterns, urban and demographic growths, connectivity with public transport networks.

  • Cycle demand evaluation and route modelling

Tailored transport models or tools such as CYCLOPS to perform demand and routing analysis for cycle trips.

  • Network design

Background analysis supporting cycle route development and high-level optioneering & appraisal.

Design of cycle routes and accompanying infrastructure at all stages of project lifetimes.

  • Business Case and appraisal

Developing the business case for schemes, including appraising the full extent of potential economic benefits.

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