Advancements in power and control technologies are making the electrification of our traditional transport modes more energy efficient and economical.

Creating Enduring Solutions

Today, electrified mobility is fast becoming the norm particularly in urban areas as innovation catches up with the needs of the community.

The electrification of our transport modes presents government, businesses and communities with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create enduring solutions that prioritise people and planet. Electrification creates a more sustainable transport mode and stimulates change through new value propositions, reframing energy networks, and enabling collaboration throughout the supply chain as well economic prosperity through job creation.

SYSTRA helps our clients transition their bus, rail and road-based vehicles to relevant net zero multi-energy technologies.

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Rail Electrification

The connections created more than a century ago often still exist today. SYSTRA offers a full range of expertise either optimising existing infrastructure or establishing new systems that account for a changing energy mix, production and distribution with the aim of reducing its environmental impact.

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Traction Power

Traction power is one of the most important parts of a railway system. It is responsible for providing the electricity to power rolling stock and other operating equipment. With traction power systems built according to the type of railway, location and the technology available at the time, SYSTRA’s decades of global expertise provides a unique vantage point for clients looking to improve the performance of their railway networks.

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Our Expertise in Electrification

Our Approach

Our engineers offer our clients the best solutions. Our expertise is backed up by 60 years of experience of feasibility studies, services to restructure networks, design and construction engineering, project management, assistance to the owner, and assistance with concession contracts.

SYSTRA helps our clients manage their energy transition through a multi-faceted approach.

Our approach covers:

Defining your energy transition strategy

  • Analysis of the existing network
  • Benchmarking of the different types of alternative propulsion energy
  • Sizing of transport systems (infrastructure, rolling stock, intelligent transport services)
  • Technical/ economic (CAPEX and OPEX) and environmental assessment​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Achieving the conversion of your network

  • Layout of depots, terminals and stations
  • Digital tools such as TESS
  • Integration of optimised charging infrastructure, energy production stations or solar panels
  • Construction/installation on brownfield or greenfield sites
  • Testing & commissioning to ensure interoperability

Adapting the operations and maintenance of your transport system

  • Review of the network’s operational model
  • Operations & Energy monitoring: supervision, CMMS, smart charging
  • Mapping of the required skills
  • Support for change management

Our expertise in Energy & Sustainability

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