An Operation Control Center manages the activities of the transport network to ensure performance and service reliability.

When disruptions such as accidents, strikes and delays occur, an Operations Control Centre must be able to provide a coordinated response, in a timely manner, to reduce and recover from interruptions and minimise the impact on commuters.

The brains behind the Transport Network

Globally, infrastructure operators have been focusing on transforming their operation centres to drive customer satisfaction, improved performance, increased capacity and more sustainable and efficient approach.

As the roles and responsibilities of Operations Control Centres expand and new technologies integrate into the network, they have invariably become more complex. To address this, businesses have co-located operations into a purpose built or retrofitted facility coupled with state-of-the-art technology.

Improving Efficiencies and Collaboration

Operational Control Centre projects can provide opportunities for more efficient and integrated organisational structures that provide a better way of working. These structures and new ways of working can lead to benefits in collaboration and coordination between operating teams enabling the adaptation of more wholistic and efficient business process. This can lead improvements in customer experience and satisfaction.

SYSTRA understands the challenges of implementing new processes and technologies. We work with our clients to establish the right systems, people and processes and then work with them to successfully embed any changes throughout the various phases of a control centre project.

Our Expertise in Operational Control Centres

Providing Comprehensive Lifecycle Services

SYSTRA’s team of experts work with our clients to deliver a comprehensive range of services through the lifecycle of an Operations Control Centre project. From Feasibility and Concept phases through design, testing & commissioning.

Services include:

  • Project Management
  • Design Management
  • Human Factors
  • Business Integration
  • Specification Development
  • Requirements Management
  • Interface Management
  • Verification & Validation
  • Safety Assurance

Achieving Operational Excellence

Our approach is based on the guidelines in International Standard ISO 11064 Ergonomic design of control centres.

The key principles of our methodology focuses on applying a human centred design approach, ensuring user participation with ergonomics integrated into the engineering practice and applying an iterative design process that ensures all the elements of the control room are defined and refined throughout the various lifecycles of the project.