SYSTRA partners with Focus at Station F
1 August 2017

SYSTRA partners with Focus at Station F

SYSTRA is proud to partner with FOCUS, the start-ups acceleration programme that helps bring innovation to market quicker.

The programme’s first batch will be dedicated to autonomous and connected vehicles. Designed by Usine IO, it will be hosted at the newly opened Station F in Paris over a four-month period. SYSTRA is providing technical expertise in collaboration with PSA Group, Allianz, automotive supplier Valeo and other Usine IO partners.

This first programme, fully in line with SYSTRA’s mobility expertise, is an opportunity for start-ups, R&D departments and SMEs to accelerate the development of their autonomous/connected solutions, whatever their maturity and the type of vehicle: terrestrial, airborne or seaborne. Targets will be clearly defined and managed to achieve partnership success. Areas of collaboration include proof of concept, product development, live experience, corporate partnerships and market entry.

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