SYSTRA is designing the LRT for Lusail city in Qatar
12 August 2016

SYSTRA is designing the LRT for Lusail city in Qatar

To the north of the Qatari capital Doha, a new city called Lusail is being built over an area covering 35 km². Its inhabitants will be able to get around the city using the high-spec tram designed by SYSTRA.

A hybrid tram network

Lusail’s tram network will link the different districts of the city, and most importantly, it will be connected to the Doha metro network. Designed to be super-efficient, the tram network should be able to serve a city with around 200,000 inhabitants and more than 400,000 annual users.

To meet this challenge, the decision was taken to build the southern section underground, where the city will be more densely developed, while the northern section will be at surface level. Extending over a total length of 35 km, with 26 km at-grade, 8 km in tunnels and 1 km on a viaduct, the tram system will run on both double and single track lines. The 4 lines of this tram network will serve 37 stations, of which 8 will be underground, 1 on the viaduct, 2 in open stretches and 2 in covered stretches. The 10 stations located below ground will have platform screen doors.

Lead designer

Equipped with a dual power connection, the network’s 35 trams will be supplied by a rigid catenary system in some of the tunnel sections, a traditional catenary system for the depot and a catenary-free system using a third rail above ground. The network and infrastructure will be compatible with the use of double tracks so that capacity can be expanded to meet future demand.

Since 2009, SYSTRA has been working on this project as a consultant for the Qatar Diar Vinci Construction company (QVDC). The Group has to ensure that the many interfaces are properly managed so that the tram system is effectively integrated with the city’s other new infrastructure. Since 2014, the Group has been the lead designer for the QDVC/Alstom consortium, and is also in charge, among other missions, of a feasibility study on the future expansion of the network.

Opening scheduled for 2019

A first section of the tram system is scheduled to open in January 2019, with the remainder expected to go live in June 2020. More on the Lusail tram project.

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