SYSTRA exports its BIM approach to railway projects
2 December 2016

SYSTRA exports its BIM approach to railway projects

From 14 to 18 November, SYSTRA participated in events organised by Autodesk University in Las Vegas and San Francisco. It was an occasion to raise awareness of our BIM (Building Information Modeling) expertise and to strengthen our skill-building through the engineering network.

Autodesk University brings together 15,000 professionals who design, produce and deliver with Autodesk solutions in planning, implementation, manufacturing and operational phases. These solutions integrate the BIM specifications required for building and infrastructure projects.

SYSTRA was distinguished among engineering firms and actors in French construction with 3 conferences:

  • Its BIM transformation project as a transport engineering firm to meet the demand of clients around the world.
  • The first implementation of BIM in France with the Grand Paris Express stations
  • The use of BIM extended to various infrastructure works (railway siding, Roads and Utility Services, catenaries, etc.) in the IMS Vitry project.

There were numerous exchanges between professionals from around the world (general contractors, French and European engineering firms as well as American and Near Eastern ones, internationally renowned architectural firms, solution providers, etc.) allowing SYSTRA to promote its presence and expertise at the international level. In the end of September, SYSTRA and MaP3 have also the BIM design of the “Build Earth Live Hyperloop” 2016 prize in Dubai with its team called Möbius.

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