SYSTRA architect, Paola Arellano Ardón, best Young Talent in Mobility
19 June 2012

SYSTRA architect, Paola Arellano Ardón, best Young Talent in Mobility

SYSTRA architect, Paola Arellano Ardón won the 2012 prize for the Best Young Talent in Mobility during the European Mobility Trade Fair, organised Paris 5th – 7th June 2012.

The Public Transport Trade Fair closed with the announcement of the ’Talent in Mobility’ awards. They recognise the men and women whose designs or work play a part in the success of public transport systems and who have made a reputation for themselves within their companies, authorities or organisations.

Paola Arellano Ardón, from SYSTRA, won the 2012 “Best Young Talent” Prize.

She beat five other young professionals : Charlotte Barre, Director of Veolia Transport du Marsan ; David de Ryckere, Manager of an Operational Unit for the RER B Nord, SNCF Transilien ; Nelly Lauret, Regional Council Project Leader for La Réunion ; Alfonso Leton, editor of ; and Maeva Zebrowski, Project Leader for UITP.

The international jury of experts and European trade journalists (New Transit, OV Magazine, Pullman, Viajeros) were impressed by her varied and extensive experience. With dual Guatemalan and Mexican nationality, Paola Arellano Ardón studied at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City, at the School of Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires and the National Architecture College in Paris-Val-de-Seine (ENSAPVS) from which she obtained a Government approved degree in architecture (DPLG).

Paola Arellano Ardón joined SYSTRA in 2010

and works for the “Stations and Urban Planning” Department managed by Bruno Sarret. She is involved in a variety of different urban planning studies for railway networks and on the design and construction of stations. In particular, she has worked on the overland stations for the Hanoi metro Line 1, the Nice tramway Line 2, feasibility studies for a new station at Nanterre University, detailed station designs for Line 1 of the metro system in Panama city, preliminary studies for the new station at Montpellier-Odysseum and a feasibility study for the 60 station metro network in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). She made a significant contribution to this highly complex project, which was completed to the client’s satisfaction and the first phase of the network is now in construction. It was also an opportunity for Paola to learn NFPA standard evacuation calculations, and she is now SYSTRA’s in-house expert in this field.

SYSTRA’s “Stations and Urban Planning” Department

This department carries out full project management urban, architectural and technical studies from the design phase through to construction. It’s activities mainly cover underground and overland metro systems, maintenance sites, tramways and insertion studies for Rapid Bus Transit systems (RBT).

The department employs a multi-disciplinary team of 40 architects, urban planners and construction engineers highly specialised in rail transport systems to adopt a global approach to projects ranging from insertion of the transport network into an urban environment through to construction.

This department worked on the construction of Line 1 of the metro in Mecca, Saudi Arabia ; Line 7 of the metro in New Delhi, India ; the station at Lodz, Poland ; tramway stations in Ouargla, Algeria ; and the Cityringen metro system in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It has also carried out major urban studies including feasibility studies for the future Greater Paris network stations (13 stations on different lines), urban insertion studies for the future metro route in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and station insertion studies for the future Orange-Paris line.

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