Environmental responsibility is an essential component of sustainable development and a critical element in what will help us create the cities of tomorrow. It is why we implement Sustainable design across all areas of expertise.

What is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design is a project design method that covers all areas of expertise and is embedded into everything we do.

It aims to reduce environmental impacts and enhance the positive effects on sustainable development by ta​​​​​​​king into account the performance of the entire development including cost control an

Today’s Challenges

With net zero ambitions changing the way infrastructure is built and operated, project stakeholders are faced with several challenges just to ensure their project satisfies the demands of government, communities, and businesses. These include:

  • Decarbonising existing projects and minimising carbon emissions throughout the project lifecycle
  • Preserving the biodiversity capital of the area
  • Maintaining sustainable management of resources
  • Offering resilient solutions to adapt to extreme weather conditions
  • Increasing the quality and accessibility of mobility services
  • Enhancing energy savings​​​​​​​ and efficiency

However, when you consider performance and cost – Projects today have become far more complex.

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Our Approach

Sustainable design is an opportunity and a lever for action. We take a holistic approach to all projects to find the right balance between sustainability, cost, and performance together with our clients.

It is why we have incorporated a three-tiered approach to each project where we provide a range of services to achieve results.

Our services include:

Define: Your sustainable design strategy

  • Specification of sustainable design characteristics in the study phase briefs
  • Drawing up a Carbon Management Plan for the project
  • Support in a circular economy approach
  • Analysis of avoided impacts and future compensations

Apply: To all stages of your project

  • Optimisation of design (choice of materials, management of excavated materials, energy performance etc.)
  • Carbon monitoring (carry out carbon assessments, low carbon design, multi-criteria analysis)
  • Quantification of the added value of the sustainable design approach
  • Drafting of sustainable design specifications for the implementation phases
  • Thematic focus on the management of excavated material
  • Thematic focus on energy performance (economy and efficiency)
  • Thematic focus on environmental constraints in design

Value: Quantify footprint to adhere to certifications

  • Identification of the desired certification (LEED,BREEAM, HQE, etc.)
  • Implementation of a dedicated environmental management system
  • Management of certification interfaces with the sustainable design approach
  • Support in the certification process

To effectively meet the challenges of sustainability and climate change, all infrastructure projects must anticipate maximising the benefits for territories and populations, but also minimising the environmental impacts linked to their execution and operation over time. Our expertise enables us to have a global vision thoughout the lifecycle of our projects and, thanks to our holistic approach to sustainability, we integrate the impacts of projects from the extraction of the raw materials used in construction right up to the end of the lifecycle. Our aim is to propose optimised and sustainable solutions to our clients, for the good of the environment and generations to come.


Why we are different

Sustainable Design is a requirement on all our projects. Our skills and expertise have been showcased to our global clients for nearly two decades. We have continued to invest in the latest innovations to make our solutions more accurate, safe and lasting for the communities of today and tomorrow.

Some of our latest innovations include new digital solutions which help us provide cutting-edge solutions to improve the sustainability of our projects. This includes CarbonTracker, a dedicated tool designed to measure, compare and value the environmental gains and carbon reduction of your project.

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