Technical details
Yarra Valley Water
Delivery Support Services

Description Of Project

Melbourne’s Northern Growth Area (NGA) is expected to accommodate 139,000 new residential lots and 3,700ha of new employment land by 2040. Kalkallo Creek Main Sewer project is part of the Sewer Servicing Strategy to accommodate this future growth by Yarra Valley Water. This project involves approx. 3.5km of sewer main at depths varying between 4m and 15m and will connect into the new Amaroo Main Sewer. These sewer mains are proposed to be constructed using trenchless techniques.

SYSTRA Bamser Involvement

SYSTRA Bamser have been engaged by Yarra Valley Water as the Delivery Support Services (DSS) consultant to ensure the project is completed successfully by managing compliance with the required legislation and the honest fair and reasonable implementation of the contract for delivery of the works. SYSTRA Bamser provided as part of the DSS team:

  • A full time Superintendent Representative (SR) for period of construction;
  • A full-time Clerk of Works (CoW) for the period of construction;
  • Administration of AS4000 General Condition of Contract;
  • Review of Contract Specification and the Contractors Detailed Design for awareness of scope and associated limitations;
  • Inspection and review of construction site, plant and equipment in place in readiness to commence site activities;
  • Review of trenchless techniques and specifications;
  • Review of Project Management Plans, and other contractor submitted plans;
  • Assessment of contractor claims and variations;
  • Assessment of progress payment claims and Issue Progress Payment Certificates;
  • Issued Notices, Site Instructions (SI’s) and Directions to Contractor in accordance with Contract requirements;
  • Issue timely clarifications of discrepancies and ambiguities within the contract documents to minimise the client’s exposure to contractual claims,
  • Extension of time, and;
  • Quality acceptance throughout the delivery of the project.