Technical details
Queensland Urban utilities
Trenchless Tunnelling

Description Of Project

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) engaged SYSTRA Bamser to produce a suite of documents on their behalf which included Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Microtunnelling Technical Specification, and a Geotechnical Baseline Report.

These were completed for the Fortrose St Rising Main and Jindalee Water Main River Crossing which was to be delivered as a Design and Construct (D&C) contract. These specifications set out the minimum requirements for the installation of service pipelines by means of HDD and Microtunnelling.

SYSTRA Bamser Involvement

SYSTRA Bamser were engaged by QUU for their expertise, knowledge, and resources to assist in the review and development of new Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) and Microtunnelling Technical Specifications that could be utilised for future projects.

Both the HDD and Microtunnelling Technical Specifications produced were in relation to the Fortrose St Rising Main and Jindalee Water Main River Crossing. They would also form a general suite of documents to be used on other upcoming trenchless projects.

Additionally, SYSTRA Bamser supplied comment on the minimum standard/criteria for Geotechnical Baseline Reports. This standard enables the engaged D&C Contractor the ability to successfully provide a more accurate design, material and plant selection, and excavation methodology. The above-mentioned documents are to be read in conjunction with a scope of works and contract which further allows QUU to deliver more professional, accurate, and fit for purpose documents to deliver their future projects.