12 December 2023
In Chile, SYSTRA has won three contracts for the concession of the expressway running through the capital, Santiago.

A structuring project for mobility in the Chilean capital

AVO, for Americo Vespucio Oriente, is one of the most structuring highway projects in the Santiago metropolis.

The second phase involves the construction and operation of a double section of three-lane toll tunnel in the heart of a densely populated urban area, most of which will run under metro line 4.

The three contracts won by SYSTRA cover Works supervision, Inspection of buildings along the tunnel alignment and Metro line 4 inspection. Our teams are providing technical assistance to our client Costanera Norte Group, concessionaire for the AV0 second phase.

The addition of 5.2km to the existing expressway will link the districts of La Reina, Peñalolén, Ñuñoa and Macul. In addition to the construction of the tunnel, the project includes work to improve urban mobility on the surface.

These contracts confirm the confidence that our client has in us and further enhances our reputation as a tunnels expert in Chile.

Jose Miguel Galera, CEO SYSTRA Subterra

From 2018, our teams were involved in developing the detailed design engineering of the access trenches and tunnels of this highway project, as well as part of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) facilities using BIM design.

3D tunnel road design

Towards the easing of traffic congestion

The AVO 2 project aims to improve the road infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion in eastern Santiago as it will complete the perimetrical ring expressway of the city, enriching the urban landscape with a sustainable approach via the reuse of materials and the creation of green spaces.

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