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Since 2011

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SYSTRA is present at all phases on the Grand Paris Express, Europe’s biggest infrastructure project. Numerous areas of expertise of the Group are mobilised for this site set to transform the transport offer in the Greater Paris region.

The Grand Paris Express consists of four new automatic metro lines built in the Greater Paris region. With almost 200km of new lines and 68 stations, this new network aims to double the capacity of the Paris metro and link the city’s suburbs.

With 90% of inhabitants living less than 2km from a station, this unprecedented and modern transport offer will be accessible to the greatest number of people and will transport more than 2 million passengers per day.

SYSTRA is mobilised on a very large scope of responsibilities to accompany the Société du Grand Paris (SGP), the government agency responsible for the Grand Paris Expressn, at all phases of the project : since 2011 on design phases, till the completion of the network expected in 2030. There are 250 SYSTRA colleagues working daily to make this project a reality, 25% of whom are women. What is referred to as the ‘worksite of the century’ is also the first transport infrastructure project of this size for which the stations are entirely modelled using the BIM (Building information modelling) method, allowing the use of 3D models and including on the same platform all the design information and next, the operation and structures maintenance information.

The teams have been working together with SGP at their offices in Saint-Denis, as well as at the base sites with local public works companies. The tunnel boring machine (TBM) Steffie-Orbival, launched in 2018 from the Champigny base site on section 2 of Line 15 South, is the first machine to have completed its course out of a total of 21 TBMs to simultaneously dig the 170km of tunnels necessary for the projet.

The project in pictures

For Line 15, SYSTRA is in charge of two iconic assignments:

  • The project management of the design and construction of infrastructures for section 2 of Line 15 South, from Villejuif-Louis Aragon to Noisy-Champs (24km, 8 stations, 22 communities served)
  • Technical project management assistance for Line 15 West and Line 15 East (43km, 23 stations, 27 communities served).

For Lines 15, 16 and 17, SYSTRA is working on:

  • Systems project management assistance
  • Operations management
  • Project management for the rolling stock design and automatic train control
  • Project management for the infrastructure maintenance site (SMI) in Vitry
  • Project management for infrastructure maintenance vehicles

Finally, for Line 18 SYSTRA is also in charge of assignments to support SGP in land acquisition.

The creation of the Greater Paris metropolis also mobilise SYSTRA on other assignments with various clients such as RATP, the state-owned public transport operator in Paris, and ADP Group (Aéroports de Paris). In civil engineering as in systems, SYSTRA is leading:

  • The project management for infrastructures of the Line 14 northbound extension (St Lazare to Mairie de St Ouen)
  • The project management for infrastructures of the Line 11 eastbound extension (Mairie des Lilas to Rosny-Bois-Perrier)
  • The project management for infrastructures of the Line 4 extension
  • The project management of Lines 14 and 18 at Orly Airport.
  • The group is also involved as subcontractor on the civil engineering on Line 16 –package 2, from Aulnay-sous-Bois to Chelles
  • With Setec (leader), we are project manager for the Line 14 southbound extension (Olympiades to Orly Airport).