08 January 2024
SYSTRA France has just been awarded the project management contract for the ‘Bus entre Seine’, a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project launched by Île-de-France Mobilités. This new infrastructure will link four densely populated towns in the north-west of the Paris region.

Bringing Argenteuil, Bezons, Cormeilles-en-Parisis and Sartrouville closer together is the ambition of ‘Bus entre Seine’, the name given to the BRT system planned between these towns by the end of 2028. Part of this infrastructure will be a dedicated bus lane, with lighter facilities to improve the operation of bus routes in the area. It will provide a reliable, punctual, and efficient service between Yvelines and Val d’Oise. The project will be accompanied by a front-to-back upgrade along the routes and the redevelopment of lanes for active modes of transport: walking and cycling. SYSTRA is a member of the project management consortium led by Iris Conseil Ingénierie (lead), alongside Ateliers Villes & Paysages Paris.

We are delighted to have won this BRT project. It strengthens our relationship with Île-de-France Mobilités, consolidates our presence in the bus market and confirms the quality of our expertise when it comes to responding to complex, multidisciplinary bids. Congratulations to our tender teams for their commitment to this success.

Didier Traube, President of SYSTRA France
Insertion of lanes with a dedicated platform and priority at intersections
Implementation of shared lanes for active modes of transport

A complete assignment to transform north-western Paris

The project will enable bus lines in the area to connect with some of the region’s major lines (RER A, Line J and tram T2), and more than 60,000 passengers could use it every day, saving up to 15 minutes on their journeys during rush hour.

The project will feature upgraded stations, dedicated lanes, priority at traffic lights, and junction improvements to ease traffic flow. Local bus routes will be able to access the upgraded sections, while local residents will benefit from wider pavements and trees. Land acquisition and traffic studies will be required prior to the works.

Buses, a fast-growing mode of transport throughout the world

SYSTRA is involved in a growing number of bus projects, whether in France (Brest, Bordeaux, Lyon), Senegal (Dakar), Brazil or, more recently, Saudi Arabia (Makkah). The flexibility of this solution, coupled with the speed with which it can be installed compared to a tramway, makes it an effective alternative for local authorities wishing to create public transport corridors, particularly in the most densely populated and congested areas. SYSTRA is also involved in the UITP’s e-BRT 2030 programme, which is studying the rapid implementation of electric BRTs in all major cities.

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