Aotearoa’s transport infrastructure is undergoing significant transformation as the country faces growing demand for safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation.

In this publication, we explore some of the infrastructure challenges ahead for the country as well as ways in which the industry can work together to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

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Aotearoa’s Infrastructure Challenge

Steps to achieve a Thriving region

With confidence, we help Aotearoa move Forward

Our core value is one of connected teams, which allows us to work as one global team harnessing decades of experience to bring to local shores.

SYSTRA is well positioned to be there where it matters working in partnership with our clients in New Zealand to support the development of cities where communities can live, work and play.

We approach each project with a strategic and community-first mindset that focusses on sustainability, smarter planning, working in partnerships and incorporating technology and data.

With significant growth expected over the coming decades, I am excited about the future of transport infrastructure in Aotearoa and how SYSTRA ANZ can contribute to the success and longevity of new projects that deliver sustainable transport solutions and support the communities they serve.

Caroline McGeechan,
Executive General Manager – Transport

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