2021 At a glance

Discover SYSTRA's highlights in a few pages.


Asset Management – Unlocking lasting value

SYSTRA explores the challenges of asset management with Uzbek & Rica in its new booklet dedicated to asset management, a prerequisite for the development of sustainable mobility.


2021 Declaration of extra financial performance

The 2021 DPEF presents in a visual and interactive way our approach, our contribution and our indicators in the field of sustainable development.


Autonomous mobility: think beyond the vehicle

In its new technical booklet, SYSTRA invites you to think about autonomous mobility beyond the vehicle by adopting a "systems" point of view and considering autonomous mobility services.

Publication - Mobility as a Service - Front cover

Mobility as a Service

In this second issue produced with Usbek & Rica, we have studied MaaS (Mobility as a Service) in all its dimensions.


2018 Activity Report

Designed like a magazine, ‘Signatures’ brings value to the men and women who make up SYSTRA.

2019 Declaration of extra financial performance

All together for a sustainable future: act for the environment, support our clients on a path to sustainable mobility, and be a responsible and committed employer.

publication-cover -the-future-of-metro

The future of the metro by SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica

In 2020, in a context marked by the sanitary crisis and the proliferation of technical inventions, SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica consider what the future of the metro might be.


2019 Activity Report – Discover SYSTRA’s highlights in a few pages

Signed up for sustainable mobility: such is the commitment made by SYSTRA in 2019, for the years and decades to come.