01 April 2021
SYSTRA has been appointed to lead the creation of a new 20-year transport strategy for Worcester City Centre in the UK.

Building on the 2019 City Centre Masterplan which SYSTRA also helped to develop, our experts will establish an investment plan to enable the movement of people and goods around the city centre as efficiently as possible, whilst also improving the attractiveness of the city to investors, liveability and sustainability. The Transport Plan will be completed in early 2022.

The Masterplan sets out an ambitious blueprint for a package of measures which will improve the public realm and transform Worcester city centre. SYSTRA is excited to be carrying out this study which will identify how transport can support that vision, help people move around the city centre better, and encourage them to do so sustainably.

Darren KIRKMAN, SYSTRA’s Project Manager for the study

Three complementary workstreams

The study will be based on the following workstreams:

  • how traffic moves around the city centre, and the resulting impacts on congestion and visitor experience;
  • parking provision and consideration of how this can be optimised to support the sustainability of the high street and the vibrancy of retail centres;
  • how residents, workers and visitors arrive in, perceive, and move around the city centre, developing options to encourage sustainable movement and create a sense of place.

A focus on stakeholder engagement

The outputs of these workstreams will be brought together to create a Transport Strategy and Action Plan that will include an ambitious package of measures to be taken forward over the next 20 years.

Stakeholder engagement will be a key part of this, and SYSTRA will be inviting the views of the public through an online survey, as well as working closely with elected members and key stakeholders throughout the process.

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