01 September 2022
Can you have an entrepreneurial spirit without working for a start-up? Can you innovate while being part of a large group? At SYSTRA, it's possible with the SPARK Challenge intrapreneurship programme. Read the testimonials of our intrapreneurs.

Launched in 2020, the aim of the SPARK Challenge is to identify, boost and incubate innovative ideas from our colleagues. The second edition is currently in full swing: 10 projects have been selected and incubated for one month, in partnership with Le Village by CA. Four of them will finally be selected in September and will thus have a chance to be financed or even marketed to invent the mobility and engineering of tomorrow.   

Each edition of the Challenge Spark is an opportunity to collect excellent ideas. It is a fantastic breeding ground for being ever more innovative, more sustainable, more competitive, at the service of our customers.

Nicolas Massart, Chief Technical and Innovation Officer 

The SPARK Challenge provides a framework for SYSTRA employees to innovate and undertake within the group. This programme allows employees to achieve and develop new skills through intrapreneurship methods.

Stéphane Birien, Human Resources Director

#1 How did the incubation programme benefit your team and your project?

Incubation is a one-month course, in teams, with time dedicated to our project and personalized support from sponsors, technical experts and intrapreneurship professionals. Through incubation, we developed skills in new tools and methods to turn our idea into a commercial success.
James Holland, Royaume-Uni 

I would add that the availability and quality of external speakers and business experts was a real asset during the incubation.
Gunjan Thanki, Inde 

We already had our idea at the start of the incubation, but it was thanks to the challenge that we were able to define our vision to bring it to life.
Christophe Farley-Legault, Canada

The SPARK Challenge gave us the opportunity to explore the true potential of our idea in a structured way, with the tools and the support to encourage us to think outside the box.
Jordan Smith, Royaume-Uni

#2 Did the programme help you to develop?

Yes, absolutely, especially because we had to develop, question and adapt ourselves along the way, to move forward as a team.
Maya Challita, Émirats Arabes Unis

I am quite impressed by the progress we have been able to make in only 1 month! The masterclass on pitching was a highlight and will have an impact on our ability to convince.
Mickaël Schil

By following the programme, I learnt how to turn an idea into a realistic proposal. I also developed my skills in selling it.
Simone de Bergh

#3 Finally, what do you think are the success factors of an intrapreneur?

In my opinion, the intrapreneur must be able to show curiosity and open-mindedness. They are necessarily innovation-oriented. For example, in the team, what drives us is to give all our colleagues tools to be more efficient and more effective.
Bruna Calazans, Brésil

The intrapreneur develops organisational skills because they need to be able to manage their time well between their day-to-day projects and their intrapreneurial ones.
Aled Cartwright, Royaume-Uni

From my experience, I would say that an intrapreneur should not be afraid of failure. I would add that they also need to be able to question their ideas and those of others in order to progress.
Stephan Krajicek, Canada 

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