26 June 2023
On 24 June 2023, SYSTRA completed another tramway project management assignment in France, with line T10 in the western suburbs of Paris.

A brand-new tramway line is now available to passengers in the Paris region. Located between Antony and Clamart on the edge of the Verrières national forest, the line links rapidly urbanising areas with numerous business and employment centres, notably Plessis-Clamart and Châtenay-Malabry.

From La-Croix-de-Berny to the Jardin-Parisien terminus, this tramway replaces several saturated bus lines and provides a link to the RER B, the T6 tramway and the TVM (Trans-Val-de-Marne) bus rapid transit service. It also serves hospitals, sports facilities and administrative offices.

Congratulations to the teams working on this project! The inauguration of the T10 tramway is a further demonstration of SYSTRA’s ability to manage a project of this scale and to be involved at every stage, from the preliminary studies, which began 10 years ago, right through to complete project management. It is also proof of our ability to meet the challenges of our clients, whether it be changes to the route or the planting of trees, with over 1,000 trees planted along the route.

Didier Traube, CEO SYSTRA France

Our team was constantly mobilised, right through to the final stages of testing and commissioning. Our efforts have been praised by the client, and we are reassured by the fact that there were so many challenges to overcome, not only on the technical, planning and financial fronts, but also in terms of consolidating the safety files in time to guarantee the commissioning date. Our team spirit was the cornerstone of our success.

Hadia Seduk, Director of the T10 project at SYSTRA France’s Urban team (DPU)

An extension of line T10 to Clamart town centre is currently under consideration, offering a connection with the future Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express.

Maintenance site received grass lane tracks

SYSTRA France at the forefront of tramway projects in the Paris region

Since the resurgence of tramways in the early 1990s, SYSTRA has been involved in almost all tramway projects in the Paris region. We are still involved in project management for three line extensions: T3b to Porte-Dauphine; T1 to Colombes; and T13 to Achères-Ville RER. We are also reconfiguring the terminus of the T2 line at Porte-de-Versailles, in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games.

These projects provide us with the opportunity to offer our clients innovative technical solutions, from the sprinkler system on the T3, which won a Global Light Rail Award in 2021, to the re-use of existing railway rights-of-way or lines with the T4, T11 and T13 tram-trains, or the insertion and construction of lines in complex environments, such as the T7, which runs between Rungis market, Orly airport and the A6 motorway.

This new tram line is the ninth to which SYSTRA France has contributed as project manager in the Paris region

Key features – T10 tramway in Greater Paris

  • 6.9km covered in 21 minutes (19 km/h on average)
  • 13 stations 100% PRM accessible
  • 4 municipalities served
  • 25,000 passengers per day
  • 314 passengers per train
  • Cycle paths parallel to the route
  • 170,000 inhabitants and 65,000 jobs in the vicinity
  • Maintenance centre at Châtenay-Malabry
  • 10 project years since the preliminary studies 2013
  • More than 1,000 trees planted along the route

Photo credits: IDFM

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