27 November 2020
SYSTRA’s continuing contribution to the revival of Italy’s tramway networks has been given a big boost with the award of a new contract addendum for the Final Design of line 4.1 of the Florence Tram.

This latest assignment on behalf of the Municipality of Florence follows on from the contract signed by SYSTRA SA and SYSTRA-SOTECNI at the beginning of 2019 for the preliminary designs of line 4 and the extension of line 2 of the city’s tramway.

This assignment, together with our other tramway projects, shows our strong commitment to the creation of a transport system that reduces atmospheric pollution and traffic congestion, while providing a rapid, reliable and safe way to travel.

Paolo Marchetti, Urban Pole Director at SYSTRA-SOTECNI and project manager of this design phase addendum

This assignment confirms the know-how of a team that is composed of several recognised experts able to work together and to share their knowledge. Indeed, this ability is a main strength of the SYSTRA Group.

Amedeo Aita Mari, Managing Director of SYSTRA in Italy

SYSTRA: a prominent role in Italy’s tramway renaissance

In addition to our project with the Florence tramway network, we signed a contract for the Preliminary Design of the Bologna Tram’s Red Line in 2018, followed this year by an addendum to carry out the Final Design. Furthermore, we were tasked in 2018 with a Design & Build project in Sardinia for the Detailed Design of the 2.5km extension of the Cagliari tramway. We are also expecting good news from similar tenders such as that for the Messina Tramway in Sicily.

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