23 September 2022
SYSTRA is supporting the Philippine authorities' plans to create two new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines to better serve the coastal city of Navotas.

Located in Manila Bay, Navotas is one of the country’s main port complexes and one of the largest fishing ports in Asia. The city and its 250,000 inhabitants are currently served only by tricycle, bike cab and jeepney* services, but traffic congestion is endemic.

Traffic jam in Manila, Philippines capital

The Philippine government wants to remedy this by creating two structured BRT lines to open up the city and better connect it to the adjoining metropolis of Caloocan. The following are planned: ​​​​​​​

  • The Navento Express line to serve the southern part of Navento and provide a link to the Monumento area, located in Caloocan
  • The Navento Loop line, with a circular route to serve most of the business areas of Navento only.

A comprehensive study to implement these BRTs and diversify our activities

The feasibility study covers the determination of routes, station locations, frequency, and timetables, as well as the dimensioning of the infrastructure to be built to implement this new BRT system in the streets.

This BRT contract marks our desire to continue to grow in the country, while we are already a key player in other mobility projects in and around Manila. This new mode of transport is still underdeveloped in the country, but it is less expensive than the creation of metro or guided rail lines and has great potential. It is a project that serves the people and the economic development of the region.

Hervé Laumond, Director of SYSTRA Philippines

*Jeepney: very popular in the Philippines, jeepneys are a transport mode built from abandoned US army Jeep vehicles after the World War II, then transformed into buses equivalent. They are famous for their colourful decoration.

SYSTRA, a key player in mobility in the Philippines

SYSTRA has been present in the Philippines for 30 years and has gradually won contracts for most of the country’s major mobility projects. Our local teams are currently working on the restructuring of Line 1 of the Manila Light Rail (LRT1) and on the reconfiguration of stations for the North-South Commuter Rail (NSCR) project for the whole of the Greater Manila region.

The growing number of successes and the solidity of our activities in the country have enabled SYSTRA Philippines to build up a centre of excellence in the design of stations.

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