25 August 2022
In the latest assessment published by the American magazine Engineering News-Record, the Group progressed in several categories, reinforcing its position as a reference signature in transport solutions.

In the Top 225 International Design Firms ranking, which compares international turnover (excluding France for SYSTRA), we have moved up four places to 25th position. This represents a continuous rise of 11 places in 3 years, and 17 places in 6 years, which confirms that SYSTRA is becoming more international each year and that its business is growing faster than its competitors.

At the same time, in the Top 150 Global Design Firms ranking, which compares worldwide turnover (including France), we have moved up 7 places to 47th position, our greatest progress since 2016 in this ranking. This demonstrates the dynamism of the entire Group, including in our historical market, France.

SYSTRA has also moved up one place in the Transportation ranking, one of our benchmark categories, to 9th position, consolidating the Group’s position in the Top 10. This ranking brings together the 2021 turnovers of the ten largest engineering firms in the mobility sector.  The rankings for the Transport sub-categories (Mass Transit & Rail and Bridges in particular) will be published in December for the whole Group.

For the United States, in the Mass Transit & Rail ranking dedicated to this country published in July 2022, SYSTRA USA kept its 17th position gained in 2021.

The rankings established by ENR confirm the good health, dynamism, and growth of all SYSTRA’s business units. In the face of continuing competition, and in a market that is still going strong, we have managed to stand out from the crowd and to grow faster than the other groups. It is now up to us to continue our efforts and to make the most of the year 2022.

Jean-Charles Vollery, Chief Operating Officer, SYSTRA

Find out more on Engineering News-Record ranking on their website.

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