Technical details



SYSTRA worked as the project management assistant (PMA) for CETUD, the authority that organises transport in Dakar, to supervise the construction of this e-BRT network.

Work began in October 2019, and the first electric bus prototype was presented to the people of Dakar on April 4 this year, on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of Senegal’s independence.


Four bus lines are planned for this network. The route will link the Guédiawaye Prefecture to the Petersen bus station in the heart of the city, serving the key points of Dakar. This will halve the journey time between the terminals, from 90 to 45 minutes, and will also provide greater safety with dedicated platform stations. Persons with reduced mobility (PRM) will have direct access to high-floor platforms and to buses.

The network has been designed to provide greater comfort and regularity thanks to a dedicated roadway and traffic priorities at junctions. Each terminus of the network will be connected to a multimodal hub with feeder buses to provide a finer service to the suburbs and maximise intermodality. As a result, 69% of the city’s population will be able to access the city centre in less than an hour, instead of only 12% today.


The arrival of the future e-BRT network will provide a sustainable solution to road congestion and air pollution in Dakar, where more than a quarter of the Senegalese population lives and which has almost three-quarters of the country’s cars, on just 0.3% of the national territory.

After the TER line, brought into service at the end of 2021, which uses the most modern systems (ERTMS Level 2 signalling, dual diesel-electric engines, etc.), the e-BRT is a new stage in the Senegalese authorities’ path to sustainable transport. Ultimately, the aim is for the network to run on renewable energy, with recharging using solar-generated electricity, on the one hand from the photovoltaic panels installed on the vehicles and, on the other, from a solar power station that will store the energy during the day and redistribute it at night.