Ethics and compliance are part of our DNA, and as a reference engineering company, we have an important role to play in all our activities to contribute to a fairer world. Therefore, SYSTRA’s approach to ethics and compliance goes far beyond notions of risk assessment and control.

SYSTRA is a partner of trust, dealing with all parties involved in a project, such as clients, contractors and suppliers. This key role within projects means setting the tone in terms of ethics and conformity.

We have put together a solid ethics programme, backed by a structured international organisation, addressing the most relevant subjects of the territories in which we operate. This allows us to maintain absolute rigour in the fight against corruption, collusion, fraud and coercive practices. Our main commitments in this respect are reflected in our Business Ethics & Compliance Policy.

Far from simply complying with laws, ethics constitutes a positive value for all our employees. Our partners and client should be proud to work with SYSTRA as it is a company that works in favour of honesty, transparency and justice.

Pierre VERZAT, Chief Executive Officer



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