John Daley


Jon is a value driven executive leader in infrastructure development, construction, operations, and asset management, with a broad market experience and consistent track record of achieving results.

Jon started his career on the tools as a ground-worker in the United Kingdom and has since developed into a leader of businesses and infrastructure projects. Jon leads and manages people at a high level by developing and setting expectations and building high trust-based relationships. Jon has a varied technical and commercial background, having worked in the housing, roads, rail, nuclear defence, and tunnelling infrastructure markets.

Jon has worked with PPP, alliance, ITC and lump sum contract models during the development, negotiation, and delivery phases. He is an experienced manager of the development of technical solutions for road and rail tunnels both in Australia and in the UK.

His contribution to the development of the Centrum Ounderground Bouwen tunnel refurbishment and asset management program led to the standardisation and adoption of common approaches to tunnel refurbishment scope, investigation and management in Belgium and the Netherlands. Jon is an expert at a practical level, understanding the technical details and the bigger picture of both projects and organisational management.

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