As a transport and mobility engineering company, we have a huge role to play in the field of sustainability, in all its aspects.

We want to preserve the environment, accompany our clients towards sustainable mobility, and be a committed and responsible employer.


Our job is to create mobility solutions that encourage access to regions and services, and the movement of people and goods. It is the reason we exist. We have the responsibility to offer each individual the opportunity to get around for a better life.

The infrastructures we develop must be reliable, sustainable and resilient, in order to support the economic development of cities and regions, but also to encourage the well-being of all by creating affordable and fair access.

In a context of climate emergency and energy transition, we especially focus on resource management (biodiversity, water…) and on dealing with the carbon footprint.

We are convinced that a company cannot grow sustainably without feeling responsible for its impact on society and on the planet, and without putting the respect of people and ethical practices at the heart of its activity.

Pierre Verzat, Chief Executive Officer

There are therefore three aspects to sustainability at SYSTRA:

  • Our environmental responsibility to respond via our projects to the challenges posed by the climatic emergency and the preservation of biodiversity,
  • Our societal responsibility to accompany our clients and populations towards sustainable mobility,
  • Our social responsibility as a committed and responsible employer.

Our role only makes sense in the long term, with the essential perspective of our commitment to serve future generations.

In agreement with the sustainability objectives fixed by the UN, we do all we can to build a more sustainable future.

Sustainability for SYSTRA goes beyond a regulatory approach. It is not only intrinsic to our projects, but is also connected to the needs of our clients and to the development of our activities. We make a positive contribution to the environment, to societies and to the economy. Our technical and strategic approach is what differentiates projects signed SYSTRA. The commitment and know-how of our colleagues is at the heart of the momentum we wish to create.

Christelle Chichignoud, Group Sustainability Director


Our activities and the way in which we operate aim to have a positive impact for all our stakeholders. With our values and commitments to the environment, ethics and health, safety and security as a springboard for action, we respond to the big challenges posed by mobility.


The women and men of SYSTRA are at the centre of our sustainability initiative. No action is possible without the contribution of all to the objectives that we fix. Understanding what this means is essential for all our colleagues throughout the world. Our professions consist in finding solutions, and today this presents a big challenge!

Ensuring an attractive work environment for our colleagues is something that we take seriously. The relationship of trust with and between colleagues is crucial and depends especially on the importance that we place on diversity and inclusion within the company, access to training and opportunities for development.

The climate emergency urges us all to be mobilised to reduce the environmental footprint of our worksites and operations as much as possible.

Finally, we share a positive ethics and safety culture with all our stakeholders.


Founded in 2019, the international Women@SYSTRA network aims to promote diversity and equality within the company. This aim, shared by the entire engineering sector, is supported by SYSTRA’s Executive Board and Supervisory Board. Via the participation of external personalities and workshops on various themes, this network enables best practices to be shared and diversity to be reinforced across the Group.


Our environmental and societal responsibility is fully integrated in the answers we provide for our clients’ needs and for users. Via the diversity of our assignments and the nature of the projects to which we contribute, we are actors for sustainable mobility, compatible with energy and ecological transition, enabling everyone to move around freely.

Our technical and innovation choices are made with a circular economy approach. We thus reconcile economic imperatives, the reduction of negative impacts and the evaluation of positive impacts in a long-term vision. We also place the ecodesign initiative at the heart of our projects by taking into account the challenges at all stages of projects’ lifecycles, from the planning to the design, then throughout the operation and maintenance phases.

HS2 Project

How we reduced by 50% the carbon footprint on a major project in the United Kingdom

As signatories of the Climate Engineering Charter with Syntec-Ingénierie since October 2019, we are resolutely in line with the ambitions set by the Paris Agreement, and are committed to adopting a 1.5°C strategy that is consistent with our environmental policy.

Since 2020, our BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach has integrated indicators on greenhouse gas emissions, essential for the evaluation of impacts of projects and decision-making. This progress has enabled environmental resonsibility to be fully integrated in our projects right from the initial phases.


Our activities have a major impact on 5 of the 17 objectives defined by the UN. We therefore focus our efforts on these objectives:

With all our colleagues operating in more than 80 countries, we encourage teamwork in order to effectively contribute to these sustainability objectives. This happens especially via the creation of initiatives to generate internal ideas: we encourage innovative ideas, and we support their translation into concrete action.

The Sustainability Report 2022 presents our approach, our contribution and our indicators in the field of sustainability in a visual and interactive way. This report demonstrates SYSTRA’s commitment to a structured, open approach that creates value for our stakeholders, because our responsibility is not only to the millions of people we transport, but also to our clients, our employees and the environment.


Glass protecting a mini scale city. Tilt shift lens used.

The Environment


Vision and Mission