Agile Project Management delivers project outcomes by empowering people, fostering collaboration and encouraging diversity of ideas.

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What is Agile?

Agile project management is defined as an iterative approach to delivering a project throughout its life cycle.

It was originally conceptualised within the software and technology industry but has since been adapted for use across industries including infrastructure where the stakeholder team is large, and delivery is complex.

The fundamental elements of Agile Project Management include:

  • The project is the sum of many smaller parts. Each project is prioritised by the team in terms of importance.
  • Agile promotes team and collaborative working, especially with the customer.
  • Teams are comprised of specialists executing roles they are experts in. 
  • The project team will reflect, learn and adjust at regular intervals to ensure the customer is always satisfied.

Planning and execution are integrated, allowing a team respond effectively to changing requirements therefore promoting flexibility.

Agile versus Waterfall

Agile is considered a different approach to the Waterfall method in that collaboration, flexibility and shared responsibility are the foundational principles that the framework is built on. The simple idea is that you fail fast and early so that you can continuously learn and overcome challenges.

The Waterfall approach is autocratic by nature in that it leaves decisions to be made by designated leaders leaving responsibility to a few rather than the many.

The traditional method can cost the end client time, money, and resources if errors go unnoticed or when collaboration and communication breakdown. It does have its advantages too, there is less uncertainty as decisions are made faster and is often cheaper.

Our Expertise in Agile Project Management

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Our Approach

Agile Project Management is typically employed when clients wish to implement our digital solutions to deliver outcomes.

To ensure maximum benefit is realised for both our clients and the community, we manage the users needs with the technical feasibility of the software. Our scrum master or project manager provides a unique point of difference and offers excellent communication, collaboration and deep product knowledge to achieve maximum value and successful outcomes.

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