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Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

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The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), has selected SYSTRA to install a new alternative photovoltaic power supply for its signalling systems.

Our American teams are providing engineering and design services to install solar power supply infrastructures at dedicated locations on four regional lines of the SEPTA network.

A total of 233 signal locations are involved in the Design Phase, which lasts 6 months, prior to a one-year Construction Phase. Commissioning is expected at the end of 2021. Our Group is supporting the contractor JJD in the development, deployment, testing and validation phases prior to commissioning.

This project promises more sustainable mobility for passengers but also enhanced safety
measures. The solar panels provide an emergency power source, a robust alternative in extreme weather conditions, allowing the signalling systems to operate for up to two days during power cuts.

SYSTRA has been involved in Solar PV Engineering projects for several decades at various levels of responsibility, ranging from project management, engineering, design, technical assistance during testing, deployment, configuration and debugging, documentation of all necessary hardware as well as associated software activities. One of the projects where this know-how has been applied is the Nagpur Metro in India.