14 January 2019
SYSTRA has reached an important milestone with the start of tunnelling work on the Västlänken (West Link) project in Gothenburg, currently the largest and most complex infrastructure project on the Swedish west coast.

The West Link is an 8km long double-track railway, including 6km in tunnel, under the centre of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. The tunnel will connect commuter rail services to routes that pass through the city. The project involves the construction of two new stations at Haga and Korsvägen, while Gothenburg Central Station will be converted from a terminus to an underground transit station.

SYSTRA already has project coordinators working on the construction of the two stations at Haga, where the tunnelling work has begun, and Korsvägen. In addition, we were awarded two Construction Manager contracts in 2017 and are now working as subcontractor to engineering and design company ÅF for the West Link. This summer SYSTRA was awarded a further two Construction Manager contracts for the crossover tracks in Olskroken, a sub-project of the West Link.

Korsvägen new station

West Link: A major government transport initiative

The West Link is part of The Western Swedish Package, which includes several infrastructure projects for trains, buses, trams, bicycles and cars. This initiative, on behalf of Trafikverket, the Swedish transport administration, aims to contribute to positive and sustainable growth in the western part of Sweden.

With the West Link, commuter and regional trains will be able to pass through Gothenburg allowing travellers to spread out at more stations in the city, and the pressure on both Gothenburg Central Station and the public transport system in general be eased. In this way, both local and regional public transport will gain in efficiency, benefiting public transport in Gothenburg and throughout the region.

At Olskroken five railway lines converge, most of them on the same level. Both passenger and goods trains pass through the junction, which makes it one of the most intensive nodes for rail traffic in Sweden. A conversion of Olskroken into a grade-separated junction was deemed necessary to increase the capacity of the rail system.

Speaking about our involvement in this strategically significant project, Lars Malmqvist, consultant, said: “Working on the West Link and related sub-projects represents a major achievement for our teams in Sweden and enhances our relationship with our longstanding client Trafikverket. Construction work will take place in a dense urban environment in direct contact with traffic, housing and business premises. During the works great attention will therefore have to be paid to the surroundings and to the people likely to be affected. I thank the teams involved and I am fully confident that they will overcome these challenges.”

SYSTRA at the heart of Sweden’s railway modernisation programme

SYSTRA’s teams in Sweden are playing a major role in the country’s rail modernisation programme and recently won contracts for two major studies. Sweden must deploy European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) technology across its entire network by 2025, so this market presents many opportunities. In addition to the West Link, our teams are also working on the OLP3 stretch of Ostlänken (East Link), Sweden’s first high speed line, in collaboration with SYSTRA colleagues from Paris as well as some support from SYSTRA Poland.

Copyrights: Trafikverket

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