14 October 2019
SystemX, SNCF, Alstom and SYSTRA launch the DOS project, in line with SNCF Group’s Autonomous Train programme. ​​​​The objective: propose a lineside signalling obstacle and reading detection system that meets the requirements of the Autonomous Train in terms of both performance and safety.

Automating the observation functions of the driver constitutes a significant technological solution for the Autonomous Train. This is the precise challenge of this multi-partner innovative research project involving a three-year collaboration between the technological research institute SystemX, SNCF, Alstom and SYSTRA.

The DOS project is entirely in line with the autonomous transport safety programme (TAS)​ completed last April. For two years, the SystemX, SNCF, Alstom, SYSTRA and the University of Compiègne (UTC) teams brought their experts together to develop a demonstrator equipped with sensors aimed at automating the observation functions involved in driving a train, and to carry out signal reading tests on a line of the national rail network in Greater Paris.

The DOS project aims to go even further, especially to reach the expected safety performance level within three years and provide a demonstration that will be submitted to the certification bodies with which the project is closely involved. The system designed within the TAS project framework will thus evolve, be enriched and move from a demonstrator to a prototype.
The main objectives of the project are the improvement of the lineside signalling reading system, the design of a long-distance obstacle detection system as well as a demonstration of the entire system’s safety.

“Bringing together the areas of expertise of SNCF, SystemX, Alstom, SYSTRA and UTC in the context of the TAS project had very positive results: it enabled the creation of a short-distance obstacle detection system (150m) and signal reading demonstrator relying on an on-board mapping database and train real-time train location, via a thorough functional analysis and the development of a safety demonstration strategy. The objectives of the DOS project are also very ambitious: they aim to present a certain number of solutions to reach the expected performance and safety levels necessary for the validation of the perception system by the certification bodies; this is a major challenge for the Autonomous Train programme,” explains Raphaël Chosidow, SNCF project director.

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