13 January 2022
Bagneux, a commune located to the south of Paris, is now linked to the Paris metro with the extension of line 4 which was inaugurated on 13 January and for which SYSTRA was project manager.

The inhabitants of Bagneux can now reach the centre of the capital by metro in half an hour. With two new stations, line 4 could increase its ridership by almost 40,000 passengers per day. Its new terminus at Bagneux – Lucie Aubrac will connect with line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express.

Inauguration on 13 January 2021 in the presence of French Prime Minister Jean Castex

SYSTRA supervised the entire southern extension, which was marked by the major challenge of integrating the works into the urban environment during construction, in order to cause as little disruption as possible to the lives of local residents. Another challenge, a structural one, was the need to consolidate the galleries in the old Paris limestone quarries before building the tunnels.

SYSTRA’s teams also designed the installation, entirely underground, of a maintenance and cleaning centre for the trains at the back of the new terminus.

We are proud and happy to have completed this project, which has been eagerly awaited by users.  More than 15 years after the first contract was signed, this is a major achievement for SYSTRA France. This extension will transform daily mobility for all those who work in Paris and increase the transport network in the south of the Paris region.

Vincent Duguay, Director of the Urban Projects Department of SYSTRA France

SYSTRA and line 4 : when one extension hides another

SYSTRA has been working on the southern extension of line 4 since 2006. We were initially prime contractor for phase 1 of the extension to Mairie de Montrouge, which was opened in 2013. We were then selected again from 2014 to 2021 to be the prime contractor for phase 2, extending the line to Bagneux.

Benchmarks – Extension of line 4

  • 1.8 km of tunnel
  • 2 new stations: Barbara and Bagneux – Lucie Aubrac
  • 30 minutes to connect Bagneux to Châtelet-Les Halles
  • Expected ridership: 37,000 passengers/day
  • 1 maintenance centre of 1,500 m².

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