27 March 2023
Pedestrians and cyclists will be the main users of a bridge designed to span the Porsgrunnelva river in Porsgrunn, in the Grenland region of south-east Norway.

Our Italian teams, as part of a turnkey project consortium commissioned by the engineering firm Degree of Freedom, are leading the geotechnical studies for the project as part of the bridge design, for the Norwegian constructor Consto Anlegg Sør AS.

Committed to soft transport modes

This new bridge dedicated to soft mobility demonstrates the Norwegian authorities’ commitment to supporting the development of active modes of transport. Its location over the Porsgrunnelva River, which flows into the Baltic Sea, will not block boat traffic: its central span will be equipped with two tilting flaps to open the passage to shipping, several times a day.

We are pleased to contribute to the design of this new urban bridge. It is a structure that will encourage soft mobility on both sides of Porsgrunn, allowing cyclists and pedestrians to have a dedicated crossing, isolated from car traffic. Such a project positions us for future assignments in Scandinavia in an active modes market where we are winning more and more contracts.

Stefano Pesa, project manager, SYSTRA SWS
Artist’s view of the future bridge

SYSTRA asserts itself on the elevated structures market in Norway

Norway has a rugged terrain throughout its territory, which means that it needs bridges, viaducts, and overhead structures to develop its transport networks. SYSTRA is working with the country on several major projects, including the doubling of the Grenland Bridge in Design & Build, on behalf of the constructor Eiffage. Norway is also very committed to the development of soft mobility, and our local teams are working on the construction of a pedestrian and cycle bridge near the Romsdal fjord, in cooperation with Degree of Freedom, as in Porsgrunn.

Key features – Porsgrunn crossing

  • Steel-concrete composite bridge
  • 204 metres long and 4 metres wide
  • 5 spans, including the main tipping span of 66 metres
  • Piles foundations for piers in ‘quick clay’ deposit
  • Opening scheduled for February 2025

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