04 April 2022
The Group has become a partner of the French Fencing Federation (FFE), with which it signed a sponsorship agreement on 24 March.

Fencing is the most decorated French sport in the history of the Olympic Games, with 123 medals in all Olympics combined, and was the second most decorated French sport in Tokyo with 5 medals including 2 Olympic titles.

The aim of this sponsorship is to associate SYSTRA’s image with a sport which conveys values and a common culture of commitment.

Pictured above, from left to right: Pierre Verzat, Julien Mertine (Tokyo 2021 Olympic team champion foil fencing) and Bruno Gares.

I am delighted with this partnership with the French Fencing Federation, which shares our values of excellence, team spirit and boldness. The SYSTRA engineering group and the FFE embody, each in their own field, French excellence in the context of international competition. I am therefore particularly pleased that SYSTRA, the benchmark for transport solutions, is supporting fencing, the most decorated French sport in the history of the Olympic Games.

Pierre Verzat, Chairman of the Executive Board of SYSTRA

 I would like to thank Mr Verzat and SYSTRA for their confidence in becoming a partner of the FFE. At SYSTRA, as with our athletes, commitment and determination are strong values. We speak the same language, and we recognise each other in the culture of French excellence in the world. Fencing is a sport that generates strong emotions, propelled by champions who are examples everywhere they go. Our partnership will make the most of our common DNA.

​​​​​​​Bruno Gares, President of the French Fencing Federation

SYSTRA is also particularly proud to contribute to the infrastructure of the Grand Paris Express, one of the main projects of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In particular, the Group is project manager for line 14 South, which will link Orly airport to the Olympic Village. ​​​​​​​

This sponsorship also includes a partnership with Prieur Sports, a French company specialising in the manufacture of fencing equipment. The SYSTRA logo will therefore be visible on the equipment of the national team during international competitions. 

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