07 June 2019
Designed like a magazine, ‘Signatures’ brings value to the men and women who make up SYSTRA. To discover, read online and download it, read below...

The activity report holds a special place in all companies. This often very formal document, mandatory for listed companies, is nevertheless very much appreciated, because it provides an opportunity to look back at the previous year and forward to the coming year.

This year we wanted an annual report with a very human feel, bringing value to the men and women who make up SYSTRA. Its title ‘Signatures’ illustrates our ambition to be the signature team for transportation solutions, via themed reporting on some of our 2018 key projects. The core of the document is based around 7 articles, demonstrating SYSTRA’s know-how and areas of expertise across the world. The reports are brought to life by all those involved, SYSTRA colleagues-experts but also clients.

Through these reports, written in a very journalistic style, we wanted to show in a very concrete way our contribution to projects. Beyond our achievements, we wanted to speak of our professions, our methods, how these projects are anchored in the areas in which they are carried out, how they serve populations and push back the boundaries.

In a magazine format, ’Signatures’ is easy to read, for all our audiences: colleagues, clients, partners, shareholders, candidates etc. We want everyone to see, thanks to this document, what determines SYSTRA’s identity and what makes it stand out from the crowd. At a glance, everyone can understand the positioning and strategy of our Group, its values and its expertise.

To access the digital version of our activity report (reading and downloading), click here

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