18 February 2022
After contributing to lines 1 and 2, the SYSTRA - Ingetec consortium has once again been selected to extend line 1.

The Bogotá metro continues to expand. While the first line is under construction and studies began in September 2021 for Line 2, our client, Financiera de Desarollo Nacional (FDN), has just awarded SYSTRA and Ingetec the contract for studies to extend line 1. Our assignment is to define the technical feasibility of the project by September 2022.

With this third success on the Bogotá metro, SYSTRA has become even more established in the Colombian engineering market. The Colombian capital’s public transport needs are as great as ever, and we are delighted with the renewed confidence of the FDN and our strong partnership with Ingetec.

Jonathan Turgy
Head of International Financial Institutions & Bids

Line 1 heads northwest

The objective of Line 1 of the Bogotá metro, a bypass line running from the south-east to the north, is to continue its aerial route by taking advantage of Bogotá’s urban nature, and in particular the city’s major road arteries.

Our teams will have to analyse different alternative routes, propose all the studies for the railway systems for the viaducts and stations, then update the technical specifications and support the client during the negotiation phase with the concessionaire for Line 1. This will culminate in a single commissioning of this line in 2028, phase 1 and extension in one go.

Three countries involved in this project

The Bogotá metro will pool the expertise of several entities:

  • SYSTRA France is carrying out studies for stations and buildings as well as systems studies, operating diagrams, maintenance, and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety).
  • SYSTRA Chile is responsible for signalling, train control, telecommunications, and power supply
  • SYSTRA Brazil is responsible for railway geometry and alignment, design, and track superstructure
  • SYSTRA International West, with its teams dedicated to Hispanic America, is responsible for project management and technical coordination

Line 1 extension

  • 2 to 3 overhead stations
  • 3 km of viaduct
  • 60,000 people per hour and per direction
  • Opening date: 2028

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