17 February 2023
At the end of 2022, in the context of a collaboration with B2P, an international team of women and men from SYSTRA spent two weeks in the land of a thousand hills to build a pedestrian bridge in Mushishiro in Muhanga County. The key words of the project were solidarity and mutual aid.

Since 2017, SYSTRA has been associated with Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), a non-profit organisation that builds bridges to help populations in rural and remote areas. The aim is to improve their mobility and access to essential needs (health and relief, education, employment).

An international team of experts

SYSTRA mobilised a team of ten employees from a variety of entities and backgrounds: France, Brazil, Dubai, and India for the geography; engineering (systems and infrastructure), support, digital engineering, and the environment for the business lines. This great diversity contributed to the success of this assignment as much as to the richness of the moments shared, which is palpable in these images:

A collaboration that fits in with the sustainable development values of SYSTRA and its employees

Helping people to improve their living conditions corresponds totally to my personal values. Concerning the colleagues, the most striking aspect for me was that we all had the same desire, the same motivation, and the same joy, regardless of our personal background or context!

William Blondel, Business Lines & Production (BL&P) manager who supervised the entire assignment

This initiative illustrates our sustainable development values in several ways: it is a project that serves local communities, a sharing of human and technical experience that strengthens the links between Connected Teams throughout the world.

Christelle Chichignoud, Group Sustainability Director

SYSTRA has been involved in many projects with B2P, from Bolivia to Eswatini, and I am happy to see this collaboration renewed in 2023.

Prisca Flattot, Head of Business Lines & Production

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