25 April 2023
The rail network in southern India continues to expand. Two new sections serving the Vijayawada area, the second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh and a fast-growing economic hub, were put into service on 28 March.
SYSTRA and RVNL team during the inauguration

These two new sections, which are intended for freight and passenger operations, were designed to provide better links between the region’s logistics areas and railway stations.

Sections to promote multimodality

For these two projects, SYSTRA India has been working since 2018 for the public company Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL), which has been commissioned by the Indian Ministry of Railways to build new infrastructure. These sections create new low-carbon connections capable of reducing congestion on the road network and improving the flow of people and goods.

SYSTRA India is involved in all phases of this PMC (Project Management Consultancy) project, from the construction of the track, engineering structures, catenary and telecommunication systems to commissioning, final inspection and testing.

Other lines are currently being built in the region: in total, SYSTRA India is responsible for supervision of 125km of new line and 88km of third line track.

Did you know?

Bridge No. 610a

A particularity of the Indian market is that the gauge (1,676mm) of its tracks is higher than the international standard (1,435mm). Called Broad-gauge (BG), it is found mainly in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but also in Argentina and Chile… as well as on the BART network in San Francisco, which is being automated with SYSTRA and which you can read about in our Suburban trains around the world Expert Insight.

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