12 July 2022
On 6 July, 2022, the Greater Paris region welcomed a new tram-train line linking Saint-Germain-en-Laye to Saint-Cyr-L'École, whose route crosses the state-owned forest of Marly, just a stone's throw from the Château de Versailles.
Rame en station à Saint-Nom la Bretêche

Line T13 is the twelfth tramway line to criss-cross the region, with a route that is entirely on the western side of the ring road. Its route is located in an area with poor service and connects several lines and transport networks, in order to encourage a real modal shift towards its new trains.

With its own dedicated space, the T13 has the specificity of running both in the city and on the national rail network. This requires express tram-train trains capable of reaching 100km/h and recognising both rail and urban signals. This project will make it possible to connect the A and C lines of the RER for the first time.

SYSTRA contributes to the interconnection of Greater Paris transport systems

In 2017, SYSTRA France was chosen by SNCF Réseau to provide project management assistance (PMA) for the project, with a number of challenges: project supervision, planning, risk management, monitoring and organisation of safety operations, but also environmental monitoring. The latter was central to the project, with the replanting of a large number of trees and the creation of landscaping around the Château de Versailles. SYSTRA was also responsible for technical checks on the installations.

Track implementation in Saint-Cyr

During the project, the railway platform was rebuilt, the signalling system was modernised and the catenaries were revised or installed. Seven of the line’s stations also had to be refurbished in order to lower the level of the platforms for tram-train operation. Road and rail bridges were also created to avoid level crossings. In addition, a large part of the T13 line incorporates parallel bicycle paths or routes. Finally, the entire line is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

This new tramway is a key element of the Paris region’s transport network and is a shining example of SYSTRA’s approach. By reusing an existing line, connecting networks that were previously far apart, and offering a tram-train that is state-of-the-art, we have helped to make the T13 a sustainable line that is emblematic of our expertise.

Pascal Nicolas, Operations Director in SYSTRA’s Project Management Department in France (DMO)
SYSTRA’s team with, from left to right: Aurore Bernier, Pascal Nicolas, Joris Turco.

The T13 is the second ring road tram-train in the Paris region, following the T11 inaugurated in 2017. Its entry into service marks a new stage in the tangential lines project, the aim of which is to link up transport networks without passing through the capital, via bypass lines that reuse existing rail infrastructure. The T13 thus takes up part of the ‘Grande Ceinture Ouest’. A third ring line is expected in the south, the T12 between Massy and Evry, by 2023.

Grassed platform in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

In addition, SYSTRA is project manager for the future extension of the T13 to Poissy and Achères-Ville. This second phase, scheduled for delivery in 2026, will enable the interconnection of the three western branches of the RER A.

Key features – T13 Saint-Cyr – Saint-Germain tram-train

  • 18.8km long
  • 21,000 passengers/day
  • 7 municipalities served
  • 1 storage centre
  • 12 stations including 7 new ones
  • 1 train/10 minutes
  • Connections with RER and Greater Paris lines A, C, U, N and L

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