30 October 2019
September 29th was a big day for SYSTRA with the opening of Cityringen, Copenhagen’s third metro line by Metroselskabet, owner of the Danish capital’s metro network.

Cityringen is for Copenhagen a huge project comparable to the Grand Paris Express in the French capital. Like the two existing metro lines, it is fully automated and driverless and forms a ring inside the city centre. It is interconnected with the existing Metro transportation networks at interchange stations via transfer tunnels, i.e. Kongens Nytorv and Frederiksberg for the Metro Lines 1 and 2, and Copenhagen Central, Østerport and Nørrebro for the Regional Railways.


The new line follows the architectural principles that have contributed to the success of the first lines, namely easy access from street level to the concourse and platforms by means of a spacious atrium illuminated with natural daylight via geometrical skylights.

SYSTRA, as part of a joint-venture with COWI and ARUP, started work on the design in 2007 and was involved in conceptual design, tendering design including preparation of Tender Documents and tender evaluation of the Civil Works (Tunnel, Stations, Mechanical and Electrical works, Architectural Finishes), as well as Interfaces coordination and document management processes. SYSTRA was then involved in the detailed design review, the site supervision and the follow–up of non-conformities.


Commenting on the benefits and technical challenges of this project, Bruno Susak, SYSTRA’s Nordic Area Director said: “Cityringen is a shining example of sustainable mobility that will have a very positive impact on the quality of life in Copenhagen and on the capacity of its transport services. The protection and preservation of historic buildings located above some of the stations, groundwater control and foundation protection, and tunnelling in mixed soil conditions all represented big challenges for the SYSTRA teams involved.”

The inauguration ceremony was attended by SYSTRA Project Manager Pierre Tissot, who worked on the project for 10 years.

The Danish team in front of a station of the new Cityringen line.

The Danish queen giving a speech at the inauguration.

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