14 October 2019
The European Transport Conference, organised each year by the Association for European Transport, is a prestigious gathering. The 2019 edition took place from 9th to 11th October in Dublin, Ireland. On this occasion, SYSTRA teams gave two presentations dealing with transport models.

Sean Kearns and Jiri Paukrt, from SYSTRA UK, spoke about recent improvements to the National Transport Authority’s long distance model.

The National Transport Authority’s long distance model is a system for modelling long distance inter-urban travel across Ireland and Northern Ireland. It models all trips made by Irish residents and visitors by mode (car, bus, and rail), and goods vehicles.

Recent enhancements have been brought to the system concerning modelling long distance rail demand. The scope of the task was to improve the capability of the model to predict long-distance rail demand, and its ability to test the effects of rail enhancements such as increased number of trains, higher capacities or changes in fares.

Quentin Chasserieau and Robin Goix, from SYSTRA France, presented the design and use of Quetzal, an open-source Python library for transport modelling.

Quetzal aims to provide a reliable solution that addresses some of the limitations of closed-source modelling software such as structured data-sharing and workflow integration.

This open-source library offers tools to help carry out modelling tasks in the fields of data pre-processing and integrity checks, data-management and transport-modelling. The library can be used as toolbox or as a self-sufficient modelling system. Quetzal is a cool open-source tool, particularly relevant in an open-data context.

For more information about the design and use of Quetzal, click on the image below:

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